Most Deep Squats In One Minute

France Guillaume Bourgeois


Reims, Champagne Ardenne, France / October 31, 2012

Guillaume B. completed 76 deep squats in one minute.

- must bend knees and break 90 degrees on each squat
- must return to extension for reps to count
- must hold arms straight out for entire attempt
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Jim Resnick

    Jim Resnick

    Does anyone know the record for consecutive squats without stopping?

  • United States Lloyd Weema

    Lloyd Weema

    I see no squats here. No more than 2 of the 7 listed rules are followed. Double U tee eff?

    • Germany Baraa Solieman

      Baraa Solieman

      i can with ease now make 90 deep squats. but im not the one started with breaking the motion so i just adjust with the improvement of motion as long as the judges approving.

  • Germany Baraa Solieman

    Baraa Solieman

    WILLIAM CANNON is an awesome athlete, if only possible u can show us your legs if your record was broken

  • Germany Baraa Solieman

    Baraa Solieman

    my first record -

  • United States EVA BOCSKOR


    Go Andre you can breack it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • United States Andre Turan

    Andre Turan

    ok.....congratulations. Let's see how high we can take this without breaking the form too much! Thanks for the challenge. -Andre

    • France Guillaume Bourgeois

      Guillaume Bourgeois

      Yes Andrew, my technique began to be limited. Given the short duration of effort and great range of motion, it is difficult to move quickly while maintaining proper technique. I think we get to decide better on longer distances, as your record of 4 minutes.

  • United States JOHN JOHNSTON


    Good effort but some of the later reps are reducing in range of movement on the upward phase so maybe not quite a successful 72. It's there though. Well done

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    This is one record I don't anticipate breaking. Nice work, Andre!

    • United States Andre Turan

      Andre Turan

      Thanks, and congratulations on the site. I just can't believe I didn't discover it sooner. I love the simplicity of uploading attempts - my brain is spinning with plans for future attempts. I'm going to spread the word to my people and hopefully get some fun challenges happening. - Andre

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