Fewest Atlas Stone Drops Needed To Demolish A Computer Hard Drive Tower

United States


Danville, Kentucky, United States / April 26, 2008

Clint Poore demolished a computer hard drive tower using an Atlas stone in five drops.

- must use an Atlas stone weighing no more than 200 pounds
- must demolish a CPU or a computer hard drive tower
- hard drive must be rendered unusable
- must provide video evidence


Tags: wildcardstrengthcomputerrepsfewesthard driveCPU

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  • United States World Records For Everyone!

    Don't want your computer anymore- Give it to him.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    How will future people who want to attempt determine what "demolished" means? I think we should clarify. Awesome though!

  • United States Clint Poore

    Thanks Dan I appreciate it. It's fun to be creative and set World Records. Thanks for providing such a great venue to set RECORDSETTER World Records!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Clint, this is awesome! Congrats on all of your recent submissions -- very impressive stuff.

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