Let's see what humans can do.

Welcome to RecordSetter, the new home of world records. We believe everyone can be the world's best at something. Our mission is to raise the bar of human achievement through world records.

  • So wait, can anyone set a world record?Heck yes. All you need is a unique skill, a video camera and a bit of imagination. Beyond that, the rules are simple: records you submit must be quantifiable, breakable and include sufficient media evidence. Creativity is highly encouraged.

  • What categories are acceptable?We make it our policy to never subjectively judge submissions, as long as our basic guidelines are followed. We strongly encourage feats that push human achievement in a positive direction. See our RecordSetter Principles below.

  • How are submissions moderated?We rely on record setters to provide honest, accurate information about the records they're submitting. Our approval process includes both community moderation and a round of input from our internal RecordSetter Council. We're currently developing tools that will allow users greater control in editing submissions. If you're interested in getting involved, please fill out this form.


How did this site come to life? RecordSetter is being built by small teams in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, with help from its active community of thousands across more than 113 countries worldwide.

The company evolved from a Burning Man project created by Dan Rollman and his friends in 2004. That project, known as The Playa Book of Records, invited people to invent their own world records. Creativity and competition ensued, leading to never-before-recognized categories like Most Blueberries Fit In a Bellybutton and Fastest Accordion Rendition of 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'.

Rollman met co-founder Corey Henderson in 2006 at a Ratatat concert, and pitched him on a loose vision of building a 'Wikipedia of human achievement.' They bootstrapped the project for over two years before launching a beta version of the site (originally called 'Universal Record Database') at the end of 2008.

The company rebranded and relaunched as RecordSetter in the summer of 2011. Read more about the name change here. Shortly thereafter, they also released their first book.


RecordSetter was founded on the belief that every person on earth is capable of being the world's best "something". That said, encouraging humanity to push its limits is fraught with challenges. When you participate in the record-breaking community, please keep the following ideals in mind.

  • 1. Honesty and accuracy are pretty much everything.

    For RecordSetter to succeed, we have to rely on the integrity of mankind. Whether you're setting a record, judging a record or voting on a record, please be as honest and accurate as possible.

  • 2. Don't hurt yourself. Don't hurt others. Don't hurt the planet.

    RecordSetter exists to bring out the best in people, not harm lives or the environment. If you have the slightest concern about a record you're considering, please contact us first or discuss it with the most responsible person you know.

  • 3. Waste sucks.

    If you're going to set a record for, say, "World's Largest Banana Cheesecake" or "Largest Collection of V-Neck Sweaters", don't let your creation go to waste. Get a food bank or charitable group involved so you can help out others while achieving your feat.

  • 4. Be respectful.

    RecordSetter encourages healthy competition, and welcomes open dialogue and debate in all places of conversation, including our Facebook page. That said, we care deeply about our community and reserve the right to delete disruptive, profane, or off-topic comments, and to suspend or permanently ban users who do not adhere to our policies.

  • 5. Be yourself.

    While not imperative, we encourage users to register accounts as their true, offline selves.


  • Dan Rollman
    Corey Henderson, Founder and CEO

    Corey is equally passionate about world records, having read the Guinness Book voraciously throughout his youth. A competitive marathoner who hails from a family of entrepreneurs, Henderson's been at the leading edge of web development since 1997. Favorite Record: Fastest Time To Solve A Rubik's Cube While Riding A Unicycle

  • Ma-ann Pacion
    Ma-ann Pacion, Head Moderator

    Ma-Ann oversees all submissions and leads our moderation process. When she’s not emailing with world record setters around the world, she enjoys community volunteerism, badminton and a cup of coffee with a good novel. Favorite record: Most Snorts in 10 Seconds.

  • Cliff Gray
    Cliff Gray, Developer

    Cliff became RecordSetter's lead developer in 2008 after Dan and Corey sold him on their vision of an open community for world record aficionados. A software developer for over a decade, Cliff surfs and snowboards when he's not working late night writing code. Favorite Record: Most TV Shows Named In One Minute Replacing One Word In Title With "Horse"

Advisory Board

  • Chris Sacca
    Chris Sacca

    An accomplished venture investor, private equity principal, company advisor, entrepreneur, and public speaker, Chris manages a portfolio of over two dozen consumer web, mobile, and wireless technology start-ups as well as an array of mature enterprises through his holding company, Lowercase Capital. He also holds the RecordSetter World Record for Most Consecutive Push-Ups On Top Of The Continental Divide. Favorite Record: Most Giraffe Tattoos On A Shoulder

  • Corbin Day
    Corbin Day

    Corbin's 77 Ventures is RecordSetter's lead investor. He's worked with a diverse range of people-driven consumer and technology start-ups for over 15 years. Prior to founding 77 Ventures, Corbin founded and co-managed Canyon Capital. His investments include Cameraworld.com, Planetoutdoors.com, Izze Beverage and Mix-1 Protein.

  • Craig Kanarick
    Craig Kanarick

    Hailed as an influential thought leader throughout the field of digital technology, Craig is best known as the co-founder of the pioneering internet services firm, Razorfish. His design work is part of the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Craig and his family live in New York City. Favorite Record: Fastest Time To Play 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' On A Baby Piano While Holding A Pomelo In One Hand

  • Benjamin White
    Benjamin White

    A pioneer in the media and digital space, Ben has a diverse background as entrepreneur, media executive, investor and consultant. Ben is the former CCO at Sling Media (makers of the Slingbox), VP of Digital at MTV, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Complex Magazine and Founder of Platform Network.

  • Courtney Holt
    Courtney Holt

    Courtney has a long history in the digital media realm. He served as Executive Vice President of Digital Music for MTV Networks, was President of MySpace Music, and recently became COO of Maker Studios. Courtney and his family are based in Los Angeles.

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  • "RecordSetter, the company that hosts all of these records, is this generation's Guinness World Record. And much like Wikipedia replaced the Encyclopedia Britannica, RecordSetter could render Guinness obsolete."
  • "I think looking at us as kind of the Wikipedia to Guinness' Encyclopedia Britannica is a good analogy," he [Founder, Dan Rollman] says." It's just a much more open and democratic platform for world records."
  • "If your talent for guzzling maple syrup or sorting Skittles has gone unappreci- ated, here's your chance at glory."
  • "A less bureaucratic and more whimsical version of the one made famous by Guinness."
  • "The Universal Record Database, a Web site that is to the Guinness World Records as Wikipedia is to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, bills itself as the 'definitive site for human achievement.' This means there's finally a place, at least online, for people who aspire to achieve such distinctions as 'Longest Suspension of Tape Measure While Standing on One Foot' and 'Slowest Consumption of a Bowl of Cereal.'
  • "Your chance to become a recognised record- breaker without all the fuss of having to apply to Guinness World Records has arrived."
  • "There are many parallels to what Wikipedia did to the old Encyclopedia companies. There's no reason for a group of people to try to control the process, and there's nothing wrong with people trying to set a record for the tallest tower of humans wearing one sock each while brushing their teeth and listen- ing to Thriller. Nothing wrong with that at all."
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