Highest Standing Backflip

Australia Tyson Edwards


Green Point, New South Wales, Australia / January 5, 2014

Tyson E. completed a backflip over a rigid bar 1.38 meters high.

- attempt must take place on a smooth, level surface
- trampolines or spring-based floors may not be used
- must use standard rigid bar
- height of the flip is taken as the height of the top edge of the bar measured from the ground surface to the midpoint of the bar, halfway between its two ends
- may not touch the bar or any other measuring apparatus
- record height is measured as the lowest point of the participant's body at the height of the jump
- must land on both feet for attempt to count
- permissible to have hands touch the ground upong landing to help maintain balance
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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