Highest Flying Push-Up



Lillestrom, Akershus, Norway / March 22, 2013

Ahmed "Iron Monkey" Kerigo performed a flying push-up using stacks of small benches 1.36 meters high. He is the founder and CEO of the calisthenics group Team Physix-Zero Gravity.

- all boxes used me of the same sizes
- must start attempt with record setter laying flat on the ground
- hips and feet must be in sync with arms
- all four limbs must land on platform at once
- must observe RecordSetter push-up criteria
- must follow same form as current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Mira Adora

    This is such a great work, I would love to read more from you in the future guys. Very inspiring and informative! churches near me

  • The Internet Mira Adora

    Comment moderated

  • The Internet jefbro98

    This guy is a BEAST!!!

  • The Internet zhuyimin


  • The Internet zhuyimin


  • The Internet Ronald Guerrero

    I'm at .86 meters

  • Italy andrea pallini


  • United States Chris Veail

    In all honesty, I'd didn't use my feet as it may look. They're just slower than the rest. My form isn't as good as Ahmed's but I had much less practice and it's closer than Roman's form. I'd like a completely new push up or new push up rules to try. That's would be fair.

  • France Romain Arcangeli

    Hi guys, you have to notice that former world record used the same technique. Arms and legs are sent all together.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Roman's form seems different from the previous. It seems he throws just his arms up first, and then the legs a beat later, which looks easier. Thoughts? I don't think we should accept this as the new record.

    • Norway Ahmed Valentino

      Dan please look at my first record at 1.36 and look the rest! I dont use my legs at all. How can you accept this? Can i make detailed rules for this? Cause so far no one has jumped syncronized with hands and feet like i do.

      I respect everyone for trying and getting inspired by my push up but lets be fair people

    • Norway Ahmed Valentino

      You can see clearly they jump with feet. If everyone does that then we can reach 3 meters by tomorrow! I want to make detailed rules or put up an instruction video

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Ahmed, we would welcome more detailed rules (especially from you, who created the category.) You can leave them here as a Comment and we will add them to the page and adjust the world record holder as necessary.

    • Norway Ahmed Valentino

      Thank you very much cause I really don't find it fair. Anyone can use legs but that was not the whole point of this. I wanted to do something thats never be done before and that lift of syncronised with hands and feet. If i use my feet I can reach 4 meters but thats "cheating"

      I will put down the rules here tonight according to my technique & video. I hope my video can hold the fair record again the last 2 gentlemen can be welcomed to try again

    • France Romain Arcangeli

      Take a video at four meters il its Easy ;)

    • France Romain Arcangeli

      If its*

    • United States Clint Poore

      I concur Dan, it was 2 movements instead of 1 synchronized push-up

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      I think we've reached consensus that Romain's attempt is impressive though not proper form. Therefore, we will deny it and return the record to Chris Veail. (Ahmed, do you really think Chris' form is incorrect, too?)

    • France Romain Arcangeli

      Ahmed cheat. Chris cheat. And me i dénied ? Okay no problem. I try a again.

    • Norway Ahmed Valentino

      Dan, Chris Veal is not right either. Look closely at his legs he jumps aswell. It all has to be in one move. I will put the rules down today when i get time. But look closely at my video, I do everything in one move that the whole point. Chris jumps up with legs. I sent a mail on this when that video came out

    • Norway Ahmed Valentino

      Dan Rollam - Chris would like a new try so here are the rules for future super push ups

      1. Start from laying flat on the ground

      2. All boxes should be same height ( front & back )

      3. Push up starts with a standard push up motion

      4. Hips & feet must be in synch with arms

      5. All 4 limbs MUST land on platform at the same time

      Dan - look over these rules , write them in a different as you wish but here are the rules from now on. Chris I respect you for being honest and wanting to try a new attempt. I will keep my record until I see you again Chris :D Respect brother

    • Norway Ahmed Valentino

      Video must also be filmed vertically not horizontol with a clear view of everything

  • United States NickHeater


  • The Internet Buster

    if some one can harness this type of explosiveness into a punch it would be devistating!

  • The Internet Buster

    any training methods for this? Advice or beginners exersizes?

  • The Internet Gary Stansbury

    My brother used to do a 360 push-up.....spin and do a 360 and land back on your hands.....cant leave toes on the ground either.

  • The Internet Gary Stansbury

    What does being successful have to do with staying up for 3 days in a row? Meth users do it all the time, and I have yet to find one single successful meth user.

  • The Internet MizzRachel Footmn

    Amazing.. you make me proud to be an McMurry Alum... way to represent! Ala Cumba!!

  • The Internet Adel Khalil

    This never ceases to amaze me!! Absolutely incredible!! Congrats man!!

  • The Internet Kelvin Williams

    Good job cuz.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Congrats Chris, outstanding! Note to you, Ahmed and others who might compete in this category: please show measurement of height within your video. Just measure the blocks on-camera before or after attempt. Also: turn your camera sideways to avoid those big black bars on the video!

  • The Internet Adel Khalil

    Hi my name is Adel Khail. I have set over 20 records here, all having to do with straight arm/full extension push ups, and thought I was strong. When I watched this, I had to agree with Record Setter that this is absolutely the most amazing, impossible feat!! Absolutely incredible. You have inspired me to keep going!!! Congrats man!!

  • United States Ayo

    How do you upload record not from YouTube won't let me

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Ayo, if you're having problems, take a screen grab and send it to hello recordsetter.com. You should be able to upload no problem.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      that address, one more time: hello AT recordsetter dot com

  • United States Benjamin White

    what you did seems physically impossible ... i look at the height of the stack ... i look at you on the floor ... I rewind and repeat ... it see it but it makes no sense. congrats man. amazing.

  • The Internet Montana Rindahl

    Oh my gosh!

  • The Internet Josh Harrold

    Sorry to be a hater but I wouldn't count that as a push up. You never come to full extension at the top arms are still completely bent

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Why is this not an Olympic event?

  • United States VGASD

    This seems completely impossible... even after watching it 5 times! The good news is, I'm pretty sure I'M getting stronger from watching this video ;)

    • Norway Ahmed Valentino

      Thanks bro :) I had to laugh on this comment hehe.. Did u get any stronger?

  • The Internet Shaun Jones


  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Super impressive, Ahmed. I've never seen anything like this before.

    • Norway Ahmed Valentino

      Thanks alot Dan :) I've sent a email to you guys as well :) Been having slight problems on my order so if you can get back to me that would be nice :)

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Hi Ahmed. We'll look into the order.

      Suggestion: can we change the title of this record to "Highest Flying Push-Up"? Feels like the height is important here, not the boxes.

    • Norway Ahmed Valentino

      The height IS the most important thing, that is very true! I call it Super Push Up but flying push up is more catchy :) You have my permission :) and let me know when you've checked the order cause I haven't received the forms to fill out for my certificate :) and T shirt :) Thanks again! I will be making a new attempt to beat that record :) and what are the chances to get my name in the book? :) I have also sent u mail on facebook, we can talk there :)

  • The Internet Elias

    The world record beater and so shall you remain.

  • Norway Ahmed Valentino

    Thanks alot :)

  • United States Kevin Ross

    That is WAY more impressive than I was expecting from the title.

  • United States Tai Star

    I didn't know what to expect.. that was cool

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