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09:04 Scotland

Longest Wall Sit While Arm Curling Two 12-Pound Dumbbells

William Cannon

William C. performed a wall sit for seven minutes, 28.75 seconds while arm curling two 12-pound dumbbells.

05:40 United States

Most Hands-Flat Triangle Star Squats In Five Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 206 hands-flat triangle star squats in five minutes.

02:22 Scotland

Most Stationary Rows Completed While Carrying A 117-Pound Z-Bell On Shoulders (Athlete Under 200 Lbs.)

William Cannon

William Cannon completed 14 strokes stationary rowing while carrying a 117-pound Z-bell on his shoulders. His body weight during the attempt was 192 pounds.

00:37 Slovakia

Fastest Time To Complete 45 Direct Strokes Into A Punching Bag While Holding One-Kilogram Dumbbells In Both Hands

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik completed 45 direct strokes into a punching bag in 4.50 seconds while holding one-kilogram dumbbells in both of his hands.

04:14 Scotland

Fastest Time To Cycle 0.1 Kilometer Using A Stationary Bike While Carrying A 100-Pound Rucksack

William Cannon

William C. cycled 0.1 kilometer in 53.40 seconds using a stationary bike while carrying a 100-pound rucksack.

01:31 United States

Fastest Time To Perform Twenty 100-Pound Hammer Curls

Jason A Faulkner

Jason F. performed twenty 100-pound hammer curls in 27.97 seconds.

03:10 Scotland

Longest Time Holding A 80-Pound Z-Bell Above Head Using Right Hand

William Cannon

William Cannon held a 80-pound Z-bell over his head using his right hand for 41.95 seconds.

04:17 France

Longest Time Holding A One-Armed Push-Up Position With Arm Bending 90 Degrees And Feet Tied Together

Guillaume Bourgeois

Guillaume Bourgeois held a one-armed push-up position with his arm bending 90 degrees and his feet tied together for two minutes, 10.63 seconds.

10:35 Scotland

Longest Wall Sit While Carrying A 22.5-Pound Dumbbell On Lap And Holding Two 1.5-Kilogram Weight Plates In Both Hands

William Cannon

William Cannon performed a wall sit for nine minutes, 10.62 seconds while carrying a 22.5-pound dumbbell on his lap and holding two 1.5-kilogram weight plates in both of his hands.

15:27 Scotland

Longest Wall Sit While Holding A 5-Pound Weight In Each Hand And A 5-Pound Weight Between Thighs

William Cannon

William Cannon performed a wall sit for 13 minutes, 35.97 seconds while holding a 5-pound weight in each hand and another 5-pound weight between his thighs.

01:41 Sweden

Most 50-Pound Left-Arm Dumbbell Presses In One Minute

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy Ohlund performed 49 left-arm dumbbell presses in one minute using a 50-pound weight.

01:15 United States

Most 805-Pound Leg Press Reps In One Minute

Jason A Faulkner

Jason F. completed 65 leg press reps in one minute.

02:56 Scotland

Most Alternate Lunges Performed In One Minute While Balancing A 12-Pound Barbell On Head

William Cannon

William C. performed four alternate lunges while balancing a 12-pound barbell on his head.

01:22 Italy

Most Consecutive Elevated Ipsilateral One-Arm One-Leg Push-Ups

andrea pallini

Andrea P. performed three consecutive elevated ipsilateral one-arm, one-leg push-ups.

05:28 The Internet

Most Curl-Ups Performed On A Yoga Mat While Listening To Music

Kate Loop

Kate L. performed 100 curl-ups on a yoga mat while listening to music.

01:47 United States

Most Knee Tucks By A Female Over 60 Years Old


Bonnie Jean completed 96 knee tucks. She set the record during Alicia's 2012 Holiday Record Week.

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