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Longest Sky Five

United States


Austin , Texas, United States / March 12, 2011

Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young jumped directly at each other from a distance of 13 feet and completed a high five before landing.

The record was set at the Bigg Digg held as part of the South By Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Texas.


- measure distance between both participants' takeoff lines
- high five must occur in air to be counted


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  • The Internet Maya Patrick

    May i be the first to point out that this is 10x more awesome because that was PLANK?

  • The Internet Will Thomas

    hey buddy, i wouldn't say its "gay" or "fake." every time we shot a new video i got whiplash, which isn't fun at all. and without a mattress to soften the landing no one would even try the diving sky-five that we set the record for.

  • The Internet Jo Øyvind

    whats with the soft landing? gay and kind a fake??

  • United States Jess Yin


  • Australia Peter Craig

    hahah love it. I think this really could be an interesting progressional record but difficult to measure without witness or careful line marking and for future attempts to use a chalk or sand line with evidence of the distance and a view of the lines after the jump to ensure it's not been crossed... I'm intrigued to see what the upper limit of this could reach. No I want to sky-five a long jumper, that would stretch it to at least 10m (30 feet).... Love it!

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