Highest Tandem Back Flip

United States


Bonney Lake, Washington, United States / August 9, 2009

Doug Williams and Judah Teista completed tandem back flips by jumping off a platform twelve feet high. They beat their previous record by four feet.

Both are trained athletes and had supervision on hand.

- participants must jump within one second of one another
- must land on feet, but falling over permissible


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  • United States Lauren Goodman

    Flippin' sweet! We highlighted this impressive record on social media today for Throwback Thursday. Here's the video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/gxQwdxItDY4

    • United States BROOKE DAVIS

      Really amazing. This data shared here is very interesting. top seo companies india Tandem backflips are not that easy to do. It’s really exceptional doing from twelve feet high not that simple, really astonishing. It clearly deserves praise and acknowledgment.

  • United States VGASD

    Doug and Judah, as soon as we find 2 insanely talented/insane gymnasts we are going to BREAK THIS RECORD!... In the mean time we will continue to watch it a couple times a day while muttering 'awesome!' to ourselves.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    This is super, super impressive. Doug and Judah, planning any more records?

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