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Most Pull-Ups With Two 20-Pound Medicine Balls Between Legs

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Anaheim, California, United States / November 15, 2013

Andreas W. performed eight pull-ups with two 20-pound medicine balls between his legs.

- medicine balls must be squeezed between legs for duration of attempt
- no outside support permitted
- chin must be over pull-up bar in each rep
- must provide video evidence


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  • Denmark Oliver Storm

    The Reason i cannot beat this is because i do not have those balls, actually i have never seen those things before in my life. I can try it with 20kg (44pound) added weight to my waist by other means if that is acceptable?

    • The Internet Andreas Weaver

      A plate from a dip belt is much easier so you can set a different record for most reps with that and as far as I can tell it's not been done here. The size of the two medicine balls is what makes it difficult, you really have to squeeze hard the whole time and leg grip always gives out before I am done pulling. We use these for wall balls, etc. at my crossfit gym, surprised you have never seen them. I have done a weighted pullup with 123lbs (70lb and 53lb kettlebell on a dip belt). Total weight with me and belt was 300lbs. This is link to video.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Massive strength! Well done, Andreas.

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