Most Mouse Clicks In 30 Seconds



Honningsvåg, North Cape, Norway / October 13, 2010

Tom Andre Seppola completed 830 mouse clicks in 30 seconds.


- must submit video evidence of finger clicking mouse and final result onscreen
- use of auto-clickers not permitted


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  • United States Mark Newton

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  • United States Mark Newton

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  • The Internet Jack

    i literally only clicked 320 on 30 sec

  • United States Marissa Jarrett


  • The Internet MitchellJose

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  • The Internet MitchellJose

    Great record!

  • The Internet Computer World

    Congratulation For participating

  • United States Bobby Bouchet

    whats the website called

  • The Internet Dan Bastin

    Apologies. Just saw the link to the Youtube video. I am satisfied. lol.

  • The Internet Dan Bastin

    This record needs to be reassessed or something. The video for the current record doesn't even work and none of the ones I saw showed someone physically clicking the mouse. I think a legitimate video should show a hand clicking the mouse and the counter on the screen that is always readable. That way someone can't just have a video of them clicking a mouse that's not even plugged in and using an auto clicker. Audible mouse clicks would even further exemplify its legitimacy.

  • Norway Tom Andre Seppola

    no im sorry. i wrote that comment in another video(Nguyen Le - 512 clicks). and somwhow it ended up in this video. I can not hear cliking in THIS video. so i dont believe this one. I have one video coming up (most clicks in 30 seconds) 832 clicks. my video provide sound and movement. if you want to watch it now:

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Do others in this category agree with Peter? Troy, can you defend and/or submit a new video that shows your finger clicking?

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Denied. You can hear clicking? Nobody can click that fast and not move the mouse even a single pixel - fake. No evidence of seeing the mouse being clicked, consistent increase in click value instead of expected fluctuation.

  • Norway Tom Andre Seppola

    no if you turn your sound up to full you can hear the clicking, so i believe him

  • The Internet Mark Henggeler

    I don't know what to be more baffled at. The fact that this hasn't been taken down yet, or that this guy thinks he was slick having a program set his record for him?

  • The Internet Aaron Angert

    well you could have them record with a actual camera so you can hear and see them actually clicking.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Can we put our heads together and figure out a way to guarantee auto-clickers are not being used?

  • The Internet Connor Flintoft

    This is an auto-clicker. Stupid cheater. This should be taken down.

  • look at the mouse on Troy's McCabe's run, how it keeps clicking and glitch back and fourth between pointer finger and arrow even after the time had run out, i think he used an autoclicker, i call BS

  • United States Danny Infinite

    Damn, good job, I was only able to get to 252 on my last try.

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