Most Browser Windows Opened In One Minute

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Washington , District of Columbia, United States / March 21, 2010

Brett Walling from Citizen Effect opened 49 separate browser windows in one minute.


- all programs on computer must be closed
- clock starts as soon as browser opens
- homepage must be set to
- each browser window must open fully before next window can be opened


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  • United States Brian Mckay

    Your browser's top bar is so squished that you've memorised the Favicon for any site you visit frequently. When you drown in a browser tab sea of your own making, those little icons are pretty much the only way you can tell what's going on. British Dissertations Help

  • The Internet Jacky

    That feels like a cheat to me . limo Cardiff , limo Bristol , limo London

  • The Internet milan joy

    In one minute, how much browser window you can open? I have gone Amsterdam Private Tours through the video clip posted here and really surprised with it. I think this site provide lots of such record making video clippings. I am expecting more from here.

  • Canada Jeff toro

    U can use an auto clicker and click the taskbar

  • The Internet Sumit smith

    Comment moderated

  • The Internet 駿賢 傅

    Why were you pressing so slow?? Ur Mac couldn't handle it or something? ha, PC Intel i7 ftw. 16 GB RAM DDR3.

  • The Internet Mark Henggeler

    This is a dumb record, this is not at all a human achievement... There are too many uncontrolled factors that people have to deal with. Things like CPU speed, memory, and bandwidth are all reasons why this record should not be a valid record. If anything it's not you that holds the record sir, it's partly your PC and your ISP.

  • United States Mick Cullen

    Agreed, Dan. We should not be having software contests.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    That feels like a cheat to me. This is the definitive site for human achievement, not robot achievement. What do others think?

  • can you use .bat files to do it for you.

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