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Longest Drive Of A Beach Ball Using A Putter

United States Neil Moallem

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Rockford, Illinois, United States / October 6, 2011

Neil Moallem putted a beach ball 871 inches.

FAILED: Does not beat current record.

Stride’s setting 100 records in 100 days. At the end of 100 days, we’ll verify if you are the standing Record Holder. If you are, you’ll get $500 for each record you managed to hold with your guile, talent, and sheer will.

General caution and common sense required. We show the Stride Team at work, but recommend that these challenges be done at home.

- beach ball must be inflated 
- ball's circumference must be at least 12 inches
- must hit ball with a golf putter
- must attempt record indoors in a room without breeze
- no fans or blowing devices permitted
- must measure precise distance from where ball is struck to where ball stops using tape measure
- must attempt record on flat surface


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  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong

    Dustin, thanks for your comment, we'll be sure to give every single attempt a close examination.

  • United States Neil Moallem

    Neil Moallem

    My beach ball popped :'(

  • United States Dustin James

    Dustin James

    Stride- When you judge this make sure the camera doesn't take the focus off the ball at any point. The kids that went 921 inches showed the ball wasn't moved at all the whole time. In Neil's attempt I don't really like how they take the camera off the ball so you don't know what is going on

  • United States Neil Moallem

    Neil Moallem

    Nice record Hunter. How do you get it to fly like that? Mine never goes very high off the ground

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    MaAnn P.

    Nathan, your attempt looks impressive but i have some issues while watching the video. First, your video obviously has a poor lightning, a little dark I would say. Second, could you maybe zoom in the camera to the ruler/tape measure next time so that the measurements are visible. Third, could you try to include the ball in the camera frame when you measure the distance of how far you putted it as well as show that it has a circumference of at least 12 inches. I would like to see you try this again, I am sure you will do better.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Alex, props to your math.

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Alex Cunningham

    I bought a new one for $2. Still a $498 profit if I win

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Sorry about the beach ball, Alex.

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Alex Cunningham

    I got well over 50 feet in a practice run... then I punctured my beach ball :(

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong

    Feel free to use any putter you like, be sure to show the club in the frame though so everyone knows what you are using.

  • United States J C

    J C

    can it be a toy putter or does it have to be a real metal one?

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