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Most Knuckle Push-Ups In One Minute


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Mumbai, Maharashtra , India / July 23, 2016

Shaikh R. performed 150 knuckle push-ups in one minute.

*DENIED: Does not follow rule of "must observe RecordSetter push-up criteria"

- must observe RecordSetter push-up criteria
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Brendan


  • The Internet Brendan


  • United States DanTNguyen

    Form is not to standard.

  • Lithuania Linas Motiejūnas

    139 su gimtadieniu !!!

  • Lithuania Linas Motiejūnas


  • United States IXI Xi

    Comment moderated

  • United States IXI Xi


  • New Zealand C P

    I've just uploaded one - not sure if the camera angle was particularly good and I am only testing my technique, but let me know how it goes

  • Pakistan Muhammad Irfan Mehsood

    kindly review my record once again

  • The Internet Mark S.

    Only Mohsin and Alicia completed full pushup form to be record holders in this event where they begin with arms in extension and bend to at least 90 degrees or parallel to the ground and then return arms into extension. Mario completed primarily partial reps and those reps do not count. He does not come up into extension on most of his reps (only the first 8 seconds and last 10 seconds did I see full reps). He does get to at least 90 degrees on all reps though. This record is for full reps though.

    • United States Alicia Weber

      Yes, I agree with you Mark. Mario completes only partial reps where we complete the full reps. This record is for full reps or proper form pushups (arms in full extension then going to at least 90 degrees). So Mario should not hold this record as the rules are for proper form pushups.

    • Mexico Mario Torre

      Dear Mark S. Maybe you are right with your comments but maybe not. I made my fist attempt with 80 full knuckle push ups, but the judges refused this. You can check this link: . So, I decided to analyzed the other videos. Neither Mohsin nor Alicia made full or proper knuckle push-ups. The distance between Mohsin's chest and the ground is at least 20 cm. And Alicia made really terrible knuckle push ups she is only moving the head but there is a huge distance between she and the ground, also, if you analyse well the video, she is bending the core, at least Mohsin made a better effort but not enough. I made this video to unmasked all these fake records and create controversy of them as you wrote. If they accept to do perfect knuckle push ups as I did in the link above ( not bending the knees, not bending the core, touching in every push-up the ground, and rising up almost to lock the arms) and if they beat me, i will erase this record and say he or she deserves the title. If not, I will continue breaking all these cheating records and so on. I really apreciate your words. Thank you very much. Best wishes.

    • The Internet Mark S.

      Hi Mario, The pushup form you used in the one minute knuckle pushup record and the fastest to complete 98 knuckle pushups did not follow the pushup criteria. Only about 20 of the 103 reps in this record were done correctly where you came down to parallel and then returned to put your arms in extension. All the other reps were not reps, just pulsing at 90 degrees with no arm extension to lock out. You performed partial reps and you will naturally go faster with partial reps than full reps.

    • Mexico Mario Torre

      Hi Mark S. As I said before, I applied for the record complete and correct way, you can see here: You have a question after watching this video? The judges decided not to award the credit. None of the other competitors made ​​properly. That is why I am playing their own rules because the parameters, if that is the criteria, it is very doubtful for this measure. So if that is the method I'll go breaking each record and unmasking all these false records. If someone makes the correct way beyond me and then I give in to it and I'll be the first to recognize its value. Please read what I wrote you before and check this link:, which shows you the right way I did the knuckle push-ups and how they should be made by all the competitors. I am the first to acknowledge that should be done the right way (you have to go down the whole body to touch the floor, the chin and the chest, do not bend the body, not bending at the waist, do not bend your knees, raise to achieve a good extension of arms).Regards.

    • United States IXI Xi

      Comment moderated

  • India Mohsin Hussain


  • The Internet Mubarak

    Really berry hard all push up boy thanx 4u

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