Heaviest Deadlift (Athlete Under 125 Pounds)

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Germantown, Ohio, United States / November 15, 2015

Nick G. performed a 400-pound deadlift. His body weight during the attempt was 119 pounds.

- must stand fully upright while deadlifting
- must lift weight with no supportive equipment
- must lift weight unassisted
- lifting straps are not allowed
- must follow form of current world record holder
must provide video evidence


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  • Sweden Thommy Ohlund

    Wow! Impressive! Congratulations!

  • The Internet Abel Duron

    Hey Nick It abel, just want to say, great job on the lift man, your the very first one to beaten it after 9 months of waiting. But this was an old time record. I have made quite of bit of progress since then. Plus I don't use sumo stance as well anymore. There one I posted about 2 weeks ago. Got 3 times my bodyweight at 355 lbs ALMOST had lockout. But I have another one loading already, it the same thing but on this current video I got the full lockout at 355 lbs deadlift CONVENTIONAL STANCE. I still currently weight 120.8 lbs so I still hold the record. Practice more man your not that far but remember sumo stance is not allowed on my last 2 previous videos I posted 2 weeks ago and the other one loading 2 days ago. There all conventional stance. So remember to do conventional and if it means going a little lighter do it, there a possible chance you might beat me. Just keep practicing and keep going. Your very strong, keep it up bud and new prs will come your way...

    • United States Abel P

      Great job Abel P. Duron on 355 lb deadlift

    • The Internet Nick Gilmore

      Sorry man, I just saw your reply! Thanks a lot of the encouraging words. I don't use sumo anymore either. I just posted my new record I did 370 completely raw and using conventional stance. I weight 119 right now because I am cutting weight. I am competing at 116.75 so I still need to cut a bit more.

    • The Internet Abel Duron

      Awesome job man, 370 lbs at just right under 120 lbs, pretty sick man. I just pulled 360 lbs 120 so officially hit a triple (3) times my body weight just last week. I also am wanting to compete for the national world record for the heaviest deadlift at 120 lbs, it 435 lbs so getting there

    • The Internet Nick Gilmore

      That's great! Good luck man!

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