Farthest Distance Hopped Backwards On One Foot While Carrying A 90-Kilogram Weight In Mouth



Goa Anjuna Beach, India / November 8, 2012

Montystar A. hopped backwards on one foot for 10 meters while carrying a 90-kilogram weight in his mouth.

- may only use teeth to carry weight
- must hop backwards on one foot for duration of distance
- no assistance from others permitted
- weight may not rest on outside surface or any body part during attempt
- must provide video evidence


Tags: wildcardweightweight liftingmouthdistancejumpingfoothoppingteethbackwards

  • The Internet Julie Dron

    Oh the things we make world records for ... xD - Kat, asbestos testing fremont ca

  • The Internet geebranz

    This actually looks funny


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  • United States Deon Andrews

    You see a lot of effort, I feel a pain via online but nevertheless, thank you for entertaining us with your talent and challenge.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Montystar, this record is awesome! What music did you listen to for inspiration?

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