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Farthest Distance Fallen In "Minecraft"

United States


Westlake, California, United States / November 12, 2016

Tyler's game character fell a distance of 1,000,950 meters in Minecraft.

- must use "Vanilla Minecraft"
- must not enter void
- no mods allowed
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States VOIDwastakenwastakenwastaken wastaken

    I will beat this record with one milion millions bloks it will take some days just to fall and I will make a water bucket MLG see you a few weeks later.

  • The Internet PatchesCrafts

    Cool Minecraft House Ideasand Designs

  • The Internet Salaty ds

    I played Minecraft using RLCraft MOD, which in itself is a record lol

  • The Internet Salaty ds

    I have played Minecraft using RLCraft which in itself is a record lol

  • United States jtadi agan

    dude shark has already beaten this record

  • United States jtadi agan

    dude shark has already beaten this record

  • England Mr Slime

    I'm going for 100 000 000 meters up

  • United States kingjumpie speedruns

    why didi it said i typed int he future

  • United States kingjumpie speedruns

    i cant go that far so its a no

  • United States kingjumpie speedruns

    i will breakt he record!!

  • United States Chase Pak

    Just fell 1,250,000 blocks! Posting to website tomorrow.

  • Bulgaria Stefan Lichev

    I am going to break the record

  • The Internet arsham ahmadian

    i felled -446332,19763 into void i am broked the record?

  • The Internet Alan Allison

    I fell 35 007 blocks into the void.

    • United States Lean champ

      I flew 50k blocks #world record but i also tried to mlg the mlg is this link now after this

  • United States Jacob D.

    I fell 20,250 blocks into the void without dying.

  • United States Paul Kownacki

    A little bit of scale compared to the real world for a moment:

    Felix Baumgartner's jump from the Red Bull Stratos in 2012 was made at 38,969 meters. In 2014, Google exec Alan Eustace broke that record with a jump from 41,419 meters. Objects reentering Earth's atmosphere often burn up in the mesosphere, which is between 50,000 and 85,000 meters up. The US Air Force considers anyone who has flown past 50 miles above sea level an astronaut. The internationally recognized boundary of space is known as the Karman Line and is set at 100,000 meters for convenience, about 15km into the thermosphere. Objects here are considered to be in low earth orbit, where the majority of artificial satellites are found and all manned spaceflights except for the Apollo missions have occurred here. The International Space Station orbits at between 340,000 and 400,000 meters, bearing various corrections made with external thrusters. Past 500,000 to 600,000 meters (depending on solar winds) is the exosphere, where the absolute thinnest traces of Earth's atmosphere can still be found. This extends to about 10,000,000 meters, which is then considered to be interplanetary space.

    Incidentally, the Moon would be 384,000,000 meters up.

  • The Internet isaiah ylonen

    hi'did you wipe your screen

  • The Internet isaiah ylonen

    look up tnt player lantcher and serch ender player lancher check it out

  • The Internet isaiah ylonen

    all you have to do is get a command block by typeing /give userename minecraft:command_block get a button say in it /tp p whatever hight 9999999999999999 the watever boom you will soon hit the ground in 3 or more days DO NOT DO THIS if you do not have a good conputer/ prosseser worst is a mackbook or higher kk try it right down your cordonets first so you can get back to there if it takes too long press /tp username quortanets

  • The Internet Magno Mine

    -_- really if you watch the original its more then the other ones

    • Canada Record Setter

      It Is? I wonder why recordsetter only approved it as 10m

    • England Vigi

      Yeh I don't know what happened with the stats at the end, I should have clipped them out and just used the axis measurements, but it only showed 10m so that was what i got.

  • The Internet Magno Mine

    Wouldnt you think this would be the same as the highest distance ever flew straight up? but its not the world record for that is 814,000

  • United States Ian McGehee


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