Fastest 1/4 Mile Rollerskate Sprint With Dog By A Person Over 60

United States Art Hoffman

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States / October 26, 2009

Art Hoffman and his dog Chenji completed a 1/4 mile roller skate sprint in one minute, 55.06 seconds.


- must not be pulled by dog
- must be attempted on a flat surface
- must only be attempted when temperature is moderate and traffic is light


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  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong

    Dan and Marc - I have spoken with Art Hoffman directly and here is his direct response to your questions, verbatim: Dan raised very valid concerns about the marking of the distance so here is my clarification on that. Since I was unable to bring my bike and dog out on any local track, I was left with using a city street. I measured the 1/4 mile using two different bicycles and their odometers, both of which had been calibrated at the local bike shop. They were accurate to .01 of a mile and they both confirmed the same distance. I marked the beginning and end of the course with a mark on the pavement (which could not be clearly seen on the video unfortunately). In the future, I will be sure to better delineate the course. Regarding the "moderate temperature and light traffic": this is really subjective and not really mandatory criteria - just recommendations that should (not must) be followed in consideration of keeping the dog safe. It's really common sense guidelines that should influence when a challenger takes his dog out for this record. Namely, in the heat of the summer would not be a good time to run with a long haired Huskie and likewise, frigid temperatures would not be a bad time for such a breed. An abundance of cars whizzing by should also be avoided. Again, simply common sense, all with the dog's welfare in mind. Regarding Marc's comment, actually the same logic applies with safety as my primary concern. Traveling at speeds over 15 mph, as was the case here, with a conventionally leashed dog can be VERY dangerous. The advantage of this safe restraining device (e.g. a WalkyDog is the one I used) is that it allowed maximum safety for me and Chenji. He is very strong and actually has pulled me off the bike in the past so I learned all this the hard way!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Great record, Art. You're quickly becoming a URDB superstar. Questions: 1. Excellent criteria, but terms like "moderate temperature" and "light traffic" are too vague for potential challengers to follow. Can you provide a more quantifiable box to work in? 2. Your starting line and finish line aren't clearly marked. Can you explain how you measured a 1/4 mile accurately? For future length-attempts, a well-marked start and finish line would be much appreciated.

  • Art, digging your records. I hope to see more. Why on this one did you use a standard leash for Chenji but on your bike record you used a safe restraining device? Seems like the other leash is a better option.

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