Farthest Distance To Be Carried By Other People

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New York, New York, United States / December 18, 2009

Mark Malkoff was carried 9.4 miles by 155 random people, covering almost the entire length of Manhattan while setting the world record. He achieved the feat on December 18–19, 2009, beginning at the Staten Island Ferry[] Terminal and ending at 140th Street.

Malkoff took no steps forward on his own, using only the kindness and generosity of fellow citizens to complete his trek.


- not allowed to make any forward progress without being carried
- being carried by more than one person at once is permitted
- stopping feat to sleep or take bathroom breaks is permitted, but record must resume in exact location that preceded break


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  • The Internet Brody Selzler

    Your record is doomed

  • The Internet Dave

    oh well. when I was 14, I was carried on people's shoulders for 4 hrs 15 mins with my feet hardly touching the ground in between.

    My ankle was badly sprained, and it was at an outdoor concert. My cousins and their friends were the ones who did it, taking turns of course.

    I still recall how sore my glutes were, due to sitting on bony shoulders for sooo long, almost continuously. But that was a great act of kindness. Prevented me from missing the concert and I loved the performance.

    Wish I had a GoPro to record it all. Would surely have set a record for getting carried almost continously for sooo long.

  • United States Jesse Becker


  • Africa eva-1 su

    so funny

  • The Internet Seth

    Lol, Hilariously Awesome.

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