Most Times To Bench Press 225-Pound Weight

United States

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Melbourne Beach, Florida, United States / April 27, 2016

Christopher K. bench pressed a 225-pound barbell 52 times.

- must bench press 225-pound weight
- must lift weight unassisted and with no supportive equipment
- must touch weight to chest and lockout
- must perform raw bench press (without the aid of a bench press shirt)
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Dan

    What he is doing is hardly a full bench press. Maybe a half bench press at most.

  • United States TJ Buckingham

    im still baffled that this was considered full reps lol

  • Sweden Thommy Ohlund

    Rules state: " chest and lockout". So... if rules are to be followed, all reps without lockout of arms are NOT approved reps. Simple as that. Recordsetter, please be serious.

  • Sweden Thommy Ohlund

    Should be a rule to always clearly show the weights used.

  • United States TJ Buckingham

    really this got approved I counted about 5 actual reps the rest were elbow bends smh I did 40 actual reps that's been stuck in approval mode for months but oh well guess ill do 53 actual reps

    • Sweden Thommy Ohlund

      Do it, TJ! Your reps look good. Almost fully extended arms.

    • United States TJ Buckingham

      i was fully extended i thought maybe just the speed looks that way without a pause at the top

  • The Internet Bronson Coburn

    eamonn keane could beat the 225lbs nfl record easily. eamonn benched 200lbs 1,280 times. i bet he could bench 225lbs over 400 times!

  • The Internet DeAndre Jones

    Not to hate or downplay what you did but the nfl combine record for 225 is 49 reps

  • United States Jason A Faulkner

    I set a standard of 225Lb./80 reps decline bench press Raw!! I like your lifting Clint.. Keep it up. Careful poping out such a Hard lockout it can damage the elbow/hyperextending your elbow joints. I agree with the Non use of supportive bench shirts and equipment i lift Raw...

    • The Internet Mickey

      He did proper lockout form actually. I think you have forgotten what it feels like to have your arms fully extended.

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