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Most Vertical Fist Pumps



Puchov, Slovakia / December 27, 2016

Pavol Durdik completes 294 fist pumps in 30 seconds.

- must extend arm fully for each pump
- must extend fist above head for each pump
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Avery Smith

    425 fist pumps in 30 seconds?! What are u a concrete pumper?

  • United States Terrance Buchanan

    Yeah..will beat you on this one..after all its not as hard as me doing concrete pumping all day. But good try.

  • The Internet Morgan Jones

    We'll just beat you again then. Ooh, competition. -Morgan

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    I'm slightly skeptical of this record. Did someone really play PUN off of STING and open the Triple Word Score in such glaring manner? PUN scores 5 points. Trading in tiles would've been smarter, or at least play PUD off of FADES for 7. There are all levels of Scrabble players, but if these players know XI and XU, they should know that PUN (or SPUN) is a horrible play.

  • get ready poppa b and t are comin for ya!

  • you bastards!!!!!!!!!! :p haha this is awesome. pleasure being beaten by you. but be warned, as long as i have fingers and internet access and at least one friend, this record is not safe. while you sleep, i, along with one other person, type, we type like the WIND i tell you!

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