Longest Pronunciation of the Word "Fresh" While Wearing a Catcher's Mask, Sunglasses and Holding a Blue, Helium-Filled Balloon

United States


Atlanta, Georgia, United States / May 9, 2009

Gotaro Takahashi sets a new world record by emitting an 18.72 second "shh" while wearing a catcher’s mask, sunglasses, and holding a blue, helium-filled balloon.

Takahashi performed the feat on May, 9 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. His father was present as a witness.


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  • The Internet malory

    this is so stoopid you absolute fucking imbecile. adding 87 items of clothing does not count as actually beating the record you inbred degenerate.

  • The Internet John802


  • that style was incredible, i can't imagine myself wearing those but you did it.

  • Excellent work Gotaro.

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