Most Pull-Ups On A 10-Inch Thick Bar During A 30-Minute 3-In-1 Challenge

United States Alicia Weber


Clermont, Florida, United States / March 6, 2012

Alicia Weber completed 205 pull-ups on a thick bar during a 30-minute 3-in-1 challenge.

Pull-ups are to be completed in this order:

1.10 minutes of pull-ups with a 10-pound medicine ball held between legs

2.10 minutes of L-pull-ups where legs are held straight out and parallel to ground

3.10 minutes of regular pull-ups

- must show clock
- must use steel straight bar wrapped with towel
- bar must have a 10-inch circumfrence when wrapped with towel
- must show measurement of bar circumfrence
- all pull-ups are to be completed in strict form; starting in full extension dead hang and ending with chin over bar
- entire routine must be done in 30 minutes
- must show two camera views; front full body and chin views


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