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Most Pop-Tarts Broken With A Single Karate Chop

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Ashland City, Tennessee, United States / April 24, 2013

Jon F. broke 18 Pop-Tarts in a single karate chop.

- Pop-Tarts must be broken in half
- must break all Pop-Tarts set up
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Puddin'! (Also, do you have video evidence of all the broken Tarts? Really want to see better documentation in this category.)

  • The Internet landon weatherly

    I feel like i should've got something for that record breaker!!! haha

  • The Internet Jon Forrest

    In my miserable failure (actually one of my students) to break this record, I failed because 1. I thought 14 was the record and it was actually 15 so we only tied 2. I showed a close up of the carnage and found that a couple of tarts just had th corners knocked off. They weren't broken. It seems that this current record, mindblowingly entertaining as it is, actually just shows that pop tarts that were once between two pedestals are now on the ground. I honestly think I could do this with 100 pop tarts on shaky pedestals such as these. The rules state that they must be broken in half. In my vast pop tart chopping experience THAT Is the challenge. I don't think that happened here and I'm sure there is not video proof of it. Sorry to be a stickler but "loser" is forever beside my name because of this.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Thanks for your thoughts here, Jon. This is definitely a tough category to officiate. A couple thoughts:

      1. In my mind "break in half" means "break into at least two pieces." That would mean a broken corner is fair. (Watching a few crumbs fall off feels outside the spirit of the category in my opinion, but a corner broken off seems OK to me.)

      2. Even if a video shows all the Pop-Tarts properly broken in half after the chop, how can we ensure the Tarts didn't break upon impact when hitting the ground?

      Look forward to hearing your thoughts, and those from Clint and others.

    • United States Clint Poore

      I concur with DAN! I had the same thoughts he mentioned. I personally want to thank Jon for describing it as mindblowingly entertaining... :) The spirit of this record is its entertainment value, after all they are POP-TARTS! I highly suggest wemove this discussion forward and say .... WHO'S GONNA BREAK 18!

  • United States MatRobJonMat Jalazoclaus


  • The Internet Travis Beckley

    He didn't break them all in half...

  • The Internet Jessie Goth

    i think ill try to beat this :D

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Haha yes. This is pretty ridiculous that you broke this record. So fun! Great showmanship.

  • United States J K

    They had been expired for quite a while which is why they were so crumbly. If you pause the video it makes it easy to count to 12.

  • United States Zach Johnson

    im sorry but u cant see how many pop tarts are actually there and most of them look broken already

  • The Internet Melissa

    This guy is hot!

  • The Internet sandy dashnaw

    great job.

  • The Internet Pierogi Henham

    This is cool. I'm a dragon!

  • The Internet Mike Mumbach

    You used extreme focus ericson

  • The Internet Jared

    I would like to see 12!!!

  • The Internet helen williams

    I love that poptarts were used to break a record. There was nobody in danger and it makes everyone laugh!

  • United States Emily Patricia

    I like that you guys hugged it out. Congrats. Hope to see lots more from you. Any other ideas?

  • The Internet Valtteri Kauraoja

    Great job, Eric! You deserve this title Awesome stuff!

  • The Internet Eric Williams

    I had fun making this video, and I'm glad people enjoyed watching it. Thanks for the comments. And if you don't like it, that's cool too. Plenty of other videos out there to watch.
    ps- I am 1/8 ninja.

    • United States Brian Pankey

      I have nothing against you Eric this is a cool thing to do at the end of a show routine for comical effect. Granted I do the the 3 apples & eat them all & it can be also also described as a novelty trick or record but the eating all three apples in the fastest time has a technical difficulty value behind it. I don't see any degree of difficulty behind this record here with chopping pop tarts just my opinion. here is a record that is difficult by my friend John Beatty -

  • United States Kaitlyn Herzog

    Love the editing of the video with the slow motion! Fun record, Eric!

  • United States Brian Pankey

    you people who vote for this are idiots. this is the dumbing down of America right here. I like intelligent people who do creative intelligent things. recordsetter has lost all aspects of what real records are & decided to sell-out with marketing ploys that don't last forever Dan Rollman years from now after all the cars are gone the fancy houses are vacated you will be left with nothing & finally say that guy named legendary was the truth.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Brian, this isn't a marketing campaign. Pop-Tarts had nothing to do with it. This is the creativity and self-expression of Eric Williams. Just because it may not rank high from a difficulty perspective doesn't mean it's not a valid record, and one that a lot of people obviously enjoy. Quit being a hater.

    • Philippines Teody Jasper

      I enjoy watching this kind of records than a record that seems to be impressive but will bored me to watch because of the quantity of records he send...

    • United States Brian Pankey

      So I bore you Teddy because I create to many records So we should bash Bill Gates & the late Steve Jobs for putting out so many products also you're basically saying in that sentence that creative shouldn't exist but I say if it wasn't for ideas of creative people we would still be living in the stone age because technology wouldn't exist so who is the real haters me or you

    • Philippines Teody Jasper

      Bill gates, Steve Jobs and the others has nothing to do w/ you... you hate somebody bcoz of the kind of record they submmited? bcoz it is not impressive like you did.. sorry LEGENDARY this is RECORDSETTER, not GUINESS..

    • The Internet Melissa

      Hey Legendary, why do you keep wasting your time commenting on this video! Why don't you go do "intelligent" things. Get a life.

    • United States Brian Pankey

      You just answered my question Teody this website is not Guinness Records & will never ever live up to the upstanding legacy of Guinness Records. recordsetter is the kid with the dunce hat on in the corner while Guinness is the guy that becomes valedictorian with a genius IQ

    • United States Brian Pankey

      Melissa & why don't do of a record & shut your mouth. I have earned the right to comment. I have earned my title a thousand times over I am legendary my legacy will be forever I am infinite

    • Philippines Teody Jasper

      you are the only problem here LEGENDARY hater.. i think even Dan himself don't even think that RS is better than Guiness bcoz that book inspire him to create this, the website who put your name in a book and respect your talent ,they show how impressive you are in the world. Did Guiness did that to you? you're the one who is the kid with the dunce hat on in the corner here bcoz of your attitude! grow up

    • United States Brian Pankey

      Teody I have been defending this website for the last 2 years when people say in articles it's a ridiculous website with no real records or athleticism & say that's not true look at Alicia Weber's records that a true athelete or when a guy named Dave Bakke wrote an article in my cities newspaper calling recordsetter a poor man's Guinness records I defended recordsetter again saying your wrong Dave recordsetter is the future. Alicia W, Doug Mcmanamnan, Darryl, Learie, Shaun Mcdaniels, Danesh U., Peter Craig, David Ferman, Mick Cullen, Andy Pelphrey, Pete Moyer & many more. these are the people I will keep defending against haters no matter what. These people I have named have all gained my respect so Teody don't call me a hater I am about justice that is all.

    • Philippines Teody Jasper

      We can't blame anybody for comparing RS to Guinness bcoz it is there before they build this website.. somebody don't appreciate this records bcoz of lack of impressiveness but there are somebody is now started to like this kind of records, like us who commented and up vote this record.. by time to time they will appreciate everything in here and there will be no comparing will happen. Don't you see the great changes here? Don't forget Fun aspect of this site.. Impressiveness, Creativity and Fun making RS great :) So MaAnn prepare yourself, Mark Zuckerburg will crash your record! :))

    • The Internet Mike Mumbach

      Whoever legendary is needs to get a life. Everyone is tough typing until its in person. If you put as much effort into positive things as you do complaining you would probably be happier and people wouldnt think you're a douche

  • The Internet helen williams

    Great achievement! Is there a flavor category?

  • The Internet Chad


  • The Internet Tyler Balaskovitz

    This feat of strength has changed my perspective on life and the way I consume my breakfast. If this isn't a record than this site has lost all legitimacy.

  • The Internet Stevie Haynes

    All hail the pop tart king!

  • United States Brian Pankey

    do you want to see a real feat of strength check out America's Got Talent John Beatty which also happens to be a friend of mine -

  • United States Brian Pankey

    why is there comedy videos on recordsetter this website isn't even legit anymore

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Impressive and delicious. What will your next feat of strength be, Eric!?

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