Most Consecutive Stationary 360 Underflips On A Skateboard While Blindfolded

United States Brett Moser


Dallas, Texas, United States / June 26, 2010

Brett Moser completed 27 consecutive360 underflips on a skateboard while blindfolded, beating his own record.


- feet may not touch ground during attempt
- must complete at least one underflip every 10 seconds
- must be blindfolded for duration of attempt


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  • United States Ryan B

    Ryan B

    Wow. Great post. It is too difficult. Brett Moser completed 24 consecutive 360 under flips on a skateboard while blindfolded. You did a great job. I appreciate your great work and keep it up. louvre museum private tours I am eagerly waiting for this kind of videos.

  • United States isabella dominic

    isabella dominic

    I can understand that it is very much difficult. He has reached this range after doing a long-time practice Best Car Sharing Service. The skateboard needs the proper balance and the stationary 360 under flips are very much difficult and he has done this.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    Probably couldn't do one of these without a blindfold. Kudos!

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