Fastest 40-Foot Arm Walk In Withlacoochee River Park

United States Alicia Weber


Dade City, Florida, United States / May 16, 2013

Alicia Weber performed a 40-foot arm walk in one minute, 57.00 seconds. She set the record at the observation tower in Withlacoochee River Park, Florida.

- must arm walk entire rail of 40-foot observation tower from bottom to top
- must arm walk six flights of stairs
- time must include total climb including landings
- must arm walk rail starting with feet on floor in front of staircases and arms at bottom of rail and ending with arm walk at top of rail with feet placed at top of staircase
- must arm walk entire rail of each staircase with feet off ground
- if feet touch ground during arm walk, must start where you left off


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