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Queens, New York, United States / March 19, 2012

Mohsin Mirza and Tara Chester of Irving, TX had a streak of 99 turns on Draw Something.

- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States B zee

    As a side note Kimberly, I have over 1500 games in the Draw Something Challenges alone! Would you like to accuse me of cheating to get those as well? If you think I'm cheating, put your finger where your mouth is and come draw with me........... B Zee

  • United States B zee

    What's a "chear"? If you mean "cheater" you're mistaken and your opinion is based on absolutely nothing! We did all 5400 and we are currently at almost 8000! Such a silly girl! You are trying to look like you have some insider information with a statement like that! Do you think I cheated to get the 40,000 coins and 700 bombs I've earned doing all those drawings? All without spending a penny, or an "Aussie" in your case? In the future you should refrain from posting false and inaccurate accusations that are backed by nothing! B Zee

  • United States B zee

    5400 game streak Set by players: MEZP77 in Anna, IL and BILL841 in Sebring FL. and still drawing.........

  • The Internet Majala Rodriguez

    Mine is higher

  • The Internet Sharon D

    Nick G in England And Me Sharon D in Australia have just notched 1000 games! Guess we'll have to start over for another 1000!

  • The Internet Kristi

    My mother in law and I are on our 700 game and I'm trying to input the answer to what she has drawn and it locks up and boots me off when I put the last letter of the correct answer. The answer is SPEAR, and when I press R it freezes and kicks me out. So I have been trying everything, I have waited hours and tried again, I have shut my phone off and turned it back on...and get this I even put in the wrong answer (REAPS) and it allowed me to put the whole word and gave the red WRONG message??? I don't understand, any suggestions? I don't want to pass and give up such a great winning streak:(

  • The Internet Bernard Glassman

    As the current co-record-holder, I'd like to ask that my playing partner, Lola McLola, be included in our listing, and that you somehow show that she is in Kuala Lumpur and I am in Chapel Hill, NC, USA. I'm also humbled by the fact that so many others hit 999 long before we did, but did not turn their achievements into a record. Take comfort from this: I have no intention of going for 9999. At our rate, that would be another 8 years! Thanks RecordSetter. You've made sticking with this game even more fun.


    • United States Jenn Wark

      Done, and congratulations on topping an excellent record category!

    • The Internet LolaMcLola

      Hi Bernard,

      Congratulations to us for setting the record. Yes, I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Just for the record, the name Lola McLola is chosen by my daughter when I started Draw Something. And I am stuck with it.

  • The Internet JonniBear Thedford

    I'm playing against him now Jason z

  • The Internet MazLis

    Stuck at 999 - come on do an update.......

  • The Internet Dawn

    At 999 and we keep drawing. Doesn't go past that number. Will there be an update to take it to 9999? Would be fun!

  • The Internet Lynn Bartholomew

    I hope that everyone achieves their records by not using any words.my friend and I are at 136 and no words have been used

    • The Internet Diana

      That's awesome! I just reached 100 with two different people with no words as well. We can definitely make it to 999! :)

  • The Internet Harriet Cramer

    Also stuck at 999!

  • The Internet Michelle Zahrte

    im at 397

  • The Internet scott

    I can't get past 1 but I sure can't wait woo woo!!!!!

  • The Internet Fred

    My Buddy LaJoy and I just made it to 999 this day, July 4th, 2012. However, it won't let us go past that....so looks like we're stuck until the app releases higher levels. I'm not sure if anyone got this high yet?


  • The Internet John Falkowski

    Now I'm at 503.

  • The Internet John Falkowski

    I'm at 490 right now and still going strong.

  • The Internet Tracey Noble

    I am on 195. What is the highest score?

  • The Internet Tori

    Me and my friend Emma are so gonna beat the record

  • The Internet Katie Clark

    I'm at 303 and still going strong!

  • The Internet Therese Baudin

    I'm on my 468th Draw in a row with my sister. Is that a record?

  • England CathGreenwood

    Stylus for me!

  • United States Jess Yin

    These turn streaks are AMAZING! Do you prefer using your finger or a stylus?

  • The Internet Jenna

    Whats up people

  • The Internet Jenna

    This game rocks and me and my friend Are at 88 getting there going to play All night SSSSOOO FUN!!!!!

  • The Internet Tori

    What's up people??!! What are you guys at??

  • The Internet Tori

    I love this game it is so addictive and a fun way to play with ur friends, speaking of which are on 88 and still going!!!

  • The Internet Linda Jane

    ![enter image description here][1]I can beat that

    [1]: http://draw something

  • The Internet Linda Jane

    I can beat that

  • United States Kaitlyn Herzog

    Such an addictive game!!

  • The Internet Stephanie Abramovich

    I'm on 303 consecutive first "round game". Started it the day I downloaded the app an haven't lost a turn yet.. We are determined to get as far as possible lol

  • Australia Jason Warren

    we are now at 235 and going strong.

  • The Internet yvonne lane

    i'm at 184 so i def need to record mine then cos im guessing i hold the record???

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Jason. Because even if the update allows you to pass 99, screengrabs can be easily edited using photoshop or any program of this sort. RecordSetter always prefers video evidence

  • Australia Jason Warren

    Why does this need to have a video evidence now? the latest update allows the game to go past 99.

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Teymur and everyone had their attempts denied. As the rule states, there should be a video evidence for this category. Please make sure to attach a video along with your submission for approval

  • The Internet Malthe Kusk

    I'm at 102

  • The Internet Satien Vandy

    Im at 110 and still going

  • The Internet Gina Rutter

    I am at 95 turns right now and going strong!

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Seeing the video above, it is possible to surpass 99 turns but it's not evident in their digital counter since it's only allowing 2-digit numbers. So, moving forward, we will only accept video submissions for this category.

  • The Internet Natasha Monteiro

    I am at 65 right now :)

  • The Internet Mohsin Mirza


    That's total turns not necessarily consecutive. The devs have already stated than in a new update they will change the highest streak from 99 to 999, so my record will be broken eventually :)

  • The Internet Mohsin Mirza


    That's total turns not necessarily consecutive. The devs have already stated than in a new update they will change the highest streak from 99 to 999, so my record will be broken eventually :)

  • The Internet Oxo Oxley

    It is possible to document streaks higher than 99, just click on the game 'stats', and its down the bottom.

  • The Internet Lucas von

    My current record is 51 :D

  • The Internet Tara Chester

    Thanks! Had fun doing it :)

  • The Internet Mohsin Mirza

    Appreciate it.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    We updated it, Moshin. Glad you want to share the credit :)

  • The Internet Mohsin Mirza

    If you guys can add Tara Chester of Irving, Tx to this record as well that would be great, it takes 2 to play this game!

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    (Thus by "maximum turn limit", I mean the most supported by the game and thus shown on the main screen.)

    Also, if anyone wants to play me, my username is acsteelersfan

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    99 is the maximum turn limit. Longer turns can be achieved, however, but it would be impossible to document without filming each turn.

  • The Internet Mohsin Mirza

    Couldn't have broken this record without Tara Chester, joint effort!

  • United States Noah Riffe

    Emily We Shoul Play Eachother

  • United States Emily Patricia

    I can't wait to try out this game!

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