Highest Backwards Bowling Score

United States


Rockford, Illinois, United States / January 2, 2014

Andrew Cowen scored 280 points in a single game of backwards bowling. He completed 10 straight strikes during the attempt. Cowen set the record at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, Illinois.

- must be a single ten-pin bowling game
- must use regulation-sized ball and pins
- must use standard scoring system
- may only use one lane
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Tilly Racker

    Holiday House sat quietly on that beach cleaning services bismarck nd

  • The Internet Brad

    You may want to watch the pins, as it seems a good amount of them land in the exact place. I think he did about 3 or 4 strikes but the rest are copies. I normally don't look at things like that, but it caught my eye.

    • United States Andrew Cowen

      Brad, you may want to watch the video in full.

  • The Internet Urneighbor

    OMG awesome!

  • England Laurent Kelly

    Sweet, well played dude.

  • Wales Mark Evans

    fair play i love show boating when you know your that good.amazing all the best mark

  • The Internet ANDREW A.


  • United States Jason A Faulkner

    Real talent, best record among editor's picks!!

  • The Internet Jake Hamilton

    Hey Mr. Cowen !

    My name is Jake Hamilton, I'm a reporter for Good Day Chicago! Any chance you could e-mail me at jake.hamiltonfoxtv.com? I'd love to talk with you about doing a feature story on you!

  • United States Audi T

    you made ESPN. what's an average score for you?

    • United States Andrew Cowen

      The response to my video has been incredible to say the least. I currently average 170 backwards in league, though I'm steadily improving. I shot a 192 average for 20 games in practice recently.

  • The Internet Lloyd Vanaman

    I don't know how long it took this guy to twist his wrist without hurting himself and I don't know how long it took him to do this. That's amazing.

  • Australia Berg 121

    Andrew I am concerned that you have set the bar too low. Perhaps you could add an extra rule that you must grow a full length beard as well. Top stuff, a very enjoyable record!

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    This is one of those records where the "Break It!" button seems unnecessary.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      So true, Alex. Though who knows...

    • United States Andrew Cowen

      I'm after that free burrito Dan! (Assuming it comes with free airfare to Vegas)

    • United States Andrew Cowen

      Cripps is good enough to shoot 300 backwards, just an issue of getting it on tape. But remember, while it's a lot of pressure in the 12th frame to throw a strike for a 300 forwards, throwing it backwards, you can see everyone watching you in your perepheral vision, so it's that much more pressure!

  • The Internet Andreas Weaver

    I would say that's impossible but you did it.

  • The Internet Timothy Gagne

    The amount of torque on your hand must hurt after a while. I know of some people who do this as their primary bowling style, it looks really natural for you, oddly.

    • United States Andrew Cowen

      Tim, my hand doesn't really take any more abuse bowling this way then it does when I bowl forwards. I'm very curious to learn about other backwards bowlers and what success they've had. If you know anyone with a last name other than Cripps who is skilled at backwards, I'd be interested in learning about their style. I'm the only 4 step backwards bowler who ends on the left foot (for right) that I know of.

    • The Internet Timothy Gagne

      I think it is just the camera angle and the motion in general. I actually always wanted to try this, but can't manage to get my hand backwards. I haven't been actively bowling recently, though. Awesome job again and you should throw up more records of "trick shot" games. Maybe if I can ever get the funds to bowl as much as I used to again, I can try to break some. :)

  • The Internet Melanie McGehee


  • United States Ian McGehee


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