Highest Score In Towel Pull-Up Pentathlon

United States Alicia Weber

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Clermont, Florida, United States / January 24, 2015

Alicia Weber earned 144 points in the towel pull-up pentathlon.

- must perform exercises as shown in original record
- must use two towels for pull ups
- must use one towel for one arm half rep pull ups and arm hangs
- no leg movements allowed in pull ups
- must perform five exercises in a row with less than six minutes of rest between exercises
- must perform five exercises in this order:
1. Most Consecutive Full Rep L Towel Pull-Ups
2. Most Consecutive Full Rep Towel Pull-Ups
3. Most Consecutive Half Rep Towel Pull-Ups
4. Longest One-Armed Towel Grip Dead Hang (each arm gets a turn for a total score)
5. Most One-Armed Half Rep Towel Pull-Ups (each arm gets a turn for a total score) 1 rep = 1 point and 1 second = 1 point and points are totaled and highest score wins
- time is based on seconds for points and are rounded up to whole numbers if they are .5 of a second or higher (i.e. 10.5 seconds = 11 while 10.4 seconds = 10)
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Nash Pranks

    Nash Pranks

    I find it super strange that most of the people who vote for your record do not ever vote for anyone else. It seems that you have created a lot of accounts just to push your records to the top. If your record is worth voting for, shouldn't you just let people vote for it instead of cheating? Or do you cheat in all your videos too? Well here is to hoping I don't see more HEALTH101, STRENGTHGAINER, ALICIAWEBER1, ALICIAWEBER2, etc... thats super sad.

    • United States Alicia Weber

      Alicia Weber

      You are very unprofessional as a record holder here at Recordsetter to accuse someone of cheating when you are just jealous that I get a lot of votes from friends. I have guided 5 fitness trainees on RecordSetter to world records and they vote as well as friends of ours. We vote for each other and other records that impress us! Sorry none of us voted for you! Get some friends to vote for you, if you want more votes!

  • United States Alicia Weber

    Alicia Weber

    This record was set to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the sport of Decathlon, which got its roots from the sport of pentathlon back in the early days of Olympia! Full Scoop here:


  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Alex Cunningham

    Alicia, you come up with the wackiest records! (Which is great!!!)

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