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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States / December 30, 2010

Robert Embley scored by 1578 points by spelling the word ‘oxyphenbutazone’ while playing Words With Friends on his iPhone.

- must provide screen grab as evidence


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  • United States Tongowefli

    I cant see how the word Aquas can fetch 832 points. Do I not see the game with the right glasses?

  • The Internet Karen Ryan

    Dane Marum from Lara Australia scored 188 in a single word

  • The Internet Rose Martinez

    My previous comment. supposed to be quivers not quivered. And that was "Words with Friends"

  • The Internet Rose Martinez

    Quivered 223 pts. 7 letters, triple letter, triple word.

  • The Internet Roger Rampley

    Over 450 pt average per word after playing 4 years every day. Roger Rampley. Highest word 632 points. BEMUZZLES.

  • The Internet Wayne Hamilton

    Whami19 - my word "SMOULDERED" scored 162 points

  • The Internet Mia

    Last game played I had 299 pts... my friend many less... well she won the game with 303 pts and I lost with 284pts.... what the he’ll??? If the game is a scam then it’s not worth playing!!!! And it’s not the first time they change scores!!!!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

    • The Internet Lauretta

      But remember that if she played the last turn, you lost the points value of any tiles remaining in your rack, and she gained those points. So if you had letters totalling 15 points, your final score would go down from 299 to 284. Her final score would be what she actually earned plus your 15 points you forfeited. Hence her 303 pts.

  • The Internet Emerald

    Quizźing for 374 Two triple word Real Z on double letter Scrabble

  • The Internet Lowell

    Feijoas for 179

  • The Internet Jimmykop

    Boozers for 159

  • The Internet Shes A

    239 for Quivered

  • United States  Brian

    Quoters for 227 points

  • The Internet Holly L

    My word was undevout for 191. I was pretty happy about that lol.

  • The Internet Doug Miller

    The only way to accomplish these word scores is by playing against yourself and setting yourself up. However, it is a really fun challenge and very difficult to do. I recently set myself up for 3 15 letter words in one play. Took me about a week to get it right. You have to plan so that you don’t run out of letters and you have to find compound words that fit just right.

  • The Internet Jean Myers

    I played “crankles” for 191 points. The score isn’t bad, but I really just love the word “crankles”!

  • The Internet Ubcommondave

    Nope. Can't have 14 E's. WWF only had 13 total. Good fake though...

  • The Internet jumble solver

    Jumble solver is an interesting game.

  • The Internet Colin Henderson

    I scored 5735 points in one move in the compulsive liar tournament.

  • The Internet Raymond L.

    Revolting for 186 points

  • The Internet Russell Pountney

    Quixotically for 1428 with no cheating App, just an on-line dictionary.

  • The Internet Lisa

    Brazilin for 287. Seems to be a commonalitity here😊

  • The Internet Cynthia

    I have been playing for 4 years. The best I've ever done is close to 150 for a word. I have learned how to score high though and it isn't with all those long words.

  • The Internet Kim smith

    My highest word scored 277 points

  • The Internet Christina Reynolds

    I just got 299 first time ever.

  • The Internet chris hornbeak

    cofounders for 175

  • The Internet HH Ocelot

    BEACONED for 179

  • The Internet Sally Raymond

    I just played GADZOOKS for 293 on a triple score triple z double word all 7 letters 😊

  • The Internet Sally Raymond

    I just played Gadzooks on a triple word triple z double word all 7 293 pets 😊

  • The Internet Miffymuffin

    My sister once played the word JINNI for 72 points. She was playing against my dad, and he got so pissed!

  • The Internet Jeff

    I played FREEZING which was 293 points. The Z was on a triple letter, and I also hit a double word and triple word. My opponent saw that and was like, I think you're going to win. lol

  • The Internet Pam Johnson

    my 13-year-old grandson used the WWF cheat app last week when he was here and played "indexers" with the x on triple letter, double word and triple word line and scored 233 points! He was playing on his 8 year-old brother's tablet and you should have heard the screams. I won't play with him since he discovered the cheat app on his phone.

  • The Internet Kim smith

    My highest is 131 points

  • The Internet april jan

    wwf must be freed up from any cheat. That's unfair, i was just a beginner and it dumps me so hard knowing there are these easy ways to emerge victorious.

  • The Internet Harry

    Doesn't even work- he's making zoosperms on top of oosperms. How could oosperms get on the table first? Should be disqualified.

  • The Internet Brandon Greenberg

    Look how long those words are that go downwards there is no way they could spell those even if they were playing off other words

  • The Internet HumanBing

    Ooooooooo boyeeee....I just started playing. Now that I've discovered this site (yes I am THAT slow), I hang my head in great shame and embarrassment that I am not the rainmaker I previously deemed myself by getting 40 points for BANISH in my first match (played just last week). I have MUCH work to do.

  • The Internet Bob

    Why is WFF offended by jews? They recognize "shit" but not "jew"!

  • The Internet George Hudock

    That is bull shit , with cheats... Fucken cheaters

  • The Internet Beverly Russo

    My friend just got 227 points with one word eutaxies

  • The Internet Beverly Russo

    My friend just got 227 points with one word eutaxies

  • The Internet Alex Calvaresi

    Just for the fun of it, I've searched for the highest scoring words that can be played in Words With Friends taking into account the letters available, and are the following:

    oxyphenbutazone, for 44 points ventriloquizing, for 43 points hyperimmunizing, for 42 psychoanalyzing, for 41 points

    I've been using this word search helper to find them. These are just basic points, without counting all the extras by using all letters or placing letters in special tile spaces. :)

  • The Internet Blazin Jerzy


  • The Internet Alan London

    If you like Scrabble/Words with Friends, check out the latest word game app for Android/iOS; TRIWORDZ. More challenging, strategic, and fun than most everything else out there. http://www.triwordz.com

  • The Internet Ron Katt

    This is ridiculous. All this tells us is that some idiot created two accounts and is playing with himself. Keep passing on one account until you've created the perfect scenario to play the highest scoring word possible and never play another word on that account again. The game is broken because it doesn't count the zero point passes into the average. Oh my God, such a hero you are! Congratulations! You're an idiot.

  • The Internet Ron Katt

    This is ridiculous. All this tells us is that some idiot created two accounts and is playing with himself. Keep passing on one account until you've created the perfect scenario to play the highest scoring word possible and never play another word on that account again. The game is broken because it doesn't count the zero point passes into the average. Oh my God, such a hero you are! Congratulations! You're an idiot.

  • The Internet Jessica Wiggins

    I call bs

  • The Internet laura kovalsky


  • The Internet Emma Kirk

    I always forget Words With Friends lets you join up words that interconnect with one another. There's a particular player on my "Friends Leaderboard" who regularly scores over 2 million points a week. They must therefore be playing 24/7 to score that in a week. As that's how long each tournament currently lasts.

  • The Internet Suzanne Genter-Burgin

    I think the leader board also encourages people to make up different user names and accounts to play there self. Also have experienced certain games not being played until the new week to boost points. thank God this is just a game. Retired from a career in the medical field for 26 years and have experienced clinicians doing whatever they could do to get 200% productivity. Including a nurse driving up to a house while I was finishing up with a patient and driving off before I left and counting the visit. Getting the vital signs from my documentation. And she was praised for her productivity during a weekly staff meeting. What a great injustice to the patient.

  • The Internet Connie Webb

    Why won't BOUDIN play? It's a sausage.

  • The Internet Ed Pingles

    This guy is so sad. He obviously made another account playing with himself to help make that word up lololol

  • United States Stuart Klimek

    I disagree with your assessment, Tippy. Using the word 'jew', outside its etymological origin, as the VERB meaning to 'bargain for a lower price' is not necessary racist, cruel or offensive. It can be offensive, but so can any word be so in an offensive context. In my experience of its actual use, the word's context did not relate with racism, cruelty, or offensive intent. On the other hand, I've heard many words that are accepted in WWF and Scrabble that have been used in a racist, cruel and offensive manner. If one was to deny a word as it usage as such, there would be no word playable in the games. One could equally proclaim that those who denied these words to those who would play them are being racist, cruel and offensive.

  • The Internet Tippy Altier

    In Scrabble, years ago, you could use both jew and jews, but not as proper nouns. They were used as adjectives. In the Scrabble Dictionary (and still in the current Webster's Dictionary), the word jew is used as a adjective, meaning to bargain down a price with. As he or she "jewed" down a person to get a lower price. I'm not Jewish, but I think using the word as in the context I listed, is racist, cruel, and offensive use of the word. It should not be used in Scrabble or Words for Friends. I'm glad to see they don't accept it as anything other than a proper noun.

  • The Internet Josh Damsma

    How come you cant play JEW or JEWS?

  • The Internet Tippy Altier

    It isn't possible guys and the guy was joking about putting two tablets to get her to make supercalifrag... Damn guys! Y'all have to question how these guys setup this impossible board don't need to be playing! A guy averages 1500 point a word? LOL! Expert Scrabble players that know words we'll never see don't average 1500 a game! OMG! This is so freakin' funny!

  • The Internet Tippy Altier

    Agree Jason. The word I sent in for the highest single word high score with only one word "SPEAKING" was the word and extended from a Double Word to a Triple Triple Word, giving me 185 points. There was no setup, just a game with my sister. The record they have is for a single move, which made other words for other points too. My points came from one word only.

  • The Internet Jason Jones

    Of course it is setup, but they are all words accepted by words with friends. This is just an example of the highest score possible. Someone needs to create a category for words played during tournament play, or something similar.

  • The Internet Tippy Altier

    It's ridiculous to see how these boards are "SETUP"!!! I don't know how anyone can believe these scores and words. Sad people can be so ignorant.

  • The Internet Michael Battenfield

    Then how can the supposed global leaded supposedly have an "average" per word score of 1504? Seriously... A one-time fluke. MAYBE. But an AVERAGE that high is literally impossible.

    So how are these folks pulling off the cheat?

    • The Internet justin

      They keep passing or exchanging letters until the board is completely set up by the "other player" (most likely a second account of their own) then make one move for an outrageous point total, therefore making only the one move count towards their average

    • The Internet justin

      So not literally impossible

  • The Internet Sid

    Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious worked, when I welded two iPads side by side.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Really? Though the word can be found in a major dictionary, it is 34 letters in length. Scrabble and most Scrabble-clones use a 15x15 board, which double would permit a 30 letter word, but not the given word. Even one SuperScrabble board (21x21) is not large enough. The minimum size board needed for two iPads, with one board presented on each, would be with the Swedish Scrabble-clone, Alfapet, which is uses a 17x17 board.
      Given enough tiles for preparation and play, one could play the word:- (SUPER)C(AL)I(FRAG)I(LIS)T(ICE)X(PEAL)I(DOC)I(OUS). Thus it is plausable, SID.

    • The Internet Flavius Cherrybottom

      you're pretty stupid.

  • The Internet Camille

    This is freaking hilarious. The comments that is.

  • The Internet MrG

    Ok I counted 96 letters on the board and 1 in the box, is it just my game or doesn't everyone start with 90 letters?

  • The Internet Dave

    Ok. Two players sit side by side and spend hours coming up with huge word scores. Post them as if they actually created them during a game. The above game is an example of a bogus game creation.

    • The Internet Mike Anderson

      I agree. I sat here and analized this board. NOBODY would make the moves required to make this work. they had to play a couple words at like 3-5 letters scoring maybe 9 points or so, then keep drawing till they received the proper letters to play a specific word on the next one to use all 7 tiles to make an 8 letter word. Then each move after that consisted of adding "ED" at the end, then adding "RE" to the beginning, nobody would make a retarded move like these...we always go for bigger moves and/or attempt to block the opponents moves.

  • United States Stuart Klimek

    Very little room for error in its formation, yet it is possible to increase the number of points scored in a single play of "Words with Friends" to 1687! Of the layout I offered for the 1686 high score, the high scoring words OXYPHENBUTAZONE, CHLOROPHYLLOUS and JACKHAMMERED would remain, but instead of using the crosswords EAVESDROPPERS, OVERSTUFFED, SQUABBLED, and TWEEZED, the crosswords WINDOWPANE, OVERSTAFFED, OVERDUBBED and QUARTZOSE could be used. Both set of words and single letters above the OXYPHENBUTAZONE line (CHLOROPHYLL, A, WINDOW, OVERSTAFF, OVERDUB, QUART, and JACKHAMMER) and below the line (US, ANE, D, ED, OSE, D) may be formed and interconnected with the remaining letters with the upper limit of 7 tiles played per turn -- yet, I believe, would be more difficult than my 1686 proposal (which Tony Hall [still pending] successfully used).

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      There is too little room, as there is an error. Failed to interconnect the Y in OXYPHENBUTAZONE. So I went back to the board and found another substitute for TWEEZED, keeping the "original" EAVESDROPPERS, OVERSTUFFED and SQUABBLED. TWEEZED, with the Z on the triple-letter square is a 40-point crossword. Yet, DOWNZONE is a 43-point crossword. With the requirement of O's for the crosswords, the O in EIDOLA needs the blank. This removes the connective word YUAN, as the Y was represented by the blank (a blank is still needed for the initial P in EAVESDROPPERS). Luckily, there is are connective words between SQUAB and UTA that are available .... RUANA and the vowel-lacking BRR. A much tighter-forming game, but a 1689 possible high score.

    • The Internet Jason Jones

      Downzone doesn't work in wwf

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Just goes to show that the WwF lexicon is inferior to that of Scrabble's. Their claim that except for the removed derogatory words and the like, and not counting the addition of several of SOWPODS two-letter words, that it is more extensive is false. It may be that my 1686 solution might be the maximum possible for the current WwF lexicon. Of course, it is still possible there is a combination that might prove better.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      As RecordSetter does not show any of my pending attempts under this category (except, I believe, in my own profile), I will note here that the highest possible scoring play I have been able to construct on a WWF board is 1688. Six of the seven crosswords are the same as Tony Hall has used in my 1686 point solution, but with a few changes the crossword EX can be made to be EXpAT, permitting the additional 2 points. A possible, but unlikely, higher WWF score may still exist with the current acceptable words.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      *Slight correction: EAVESDROPPERS and TWEEZED are changed to EAVESDROPPED and TWEEZERS in order to achieve the 1688 score.

  • United States Stuart Klimek

    I kept finding I had been using some word not recognized by the ENABLE (ie., Words With Friends) Lexicon – such as, UNBLOCKABLE, ZOOGAMETES, and BIOEQUIVALENCY. Yet, I finally discovered a solution where each words is recognized by the Words With Friends lexicon and that would have a higher score than the current record of 1674 points.

    I…I GOT IT! – 1684 points (see below):

    C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ H _ _ _ _ U _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ J L I V E _ N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A O _ _ A _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ C R _ _ V I E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ K O G R E _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ H P _ _ S _ S I S _ _ _ _ _ _ A H _ _ D _ T _ Q _ _ _ T _ _ M Y _ _ R I A _ U _ _ _ W _ _ M L _ G O _ F _ A _ _ _ E _ _ E L E A p_ F _ B y_ T E N O R O X Y P H E N B U T A Z O N E U _ _ E I D O L A _ W E _ E D S T A R _ _ _ E N _ _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    (In the following list of plays, the letter-number before a period indicates the player (A or B) and his turn in which he made the play. An asterisk following the letter represents a blank tile played to represent the letter, and lowercase letters represent tiles played on a prior turn. Bingos are noted with a [bingo!] immediately following the word(s) played.)

    A1.SQUAB B1.bY* A2.yUAN B2.uTA A3.TENOR, Ta B3.ON, nO, oN A4.HAMMEr B4.eD A5.JACKhammer B5.TWEe A6.taW, WE B6.eD A7.EIDOLa B7.No A8.STAR, eR B8.Us A9.lED, En B9.Is A10.ERS, Sis B10.VIe A11.UNDersTAFF [bingo!] B11.RIa A12.EAvESDRoP [bingo!] B12.LEAp* A13.LIVe B13.OGRe A14.GaY, Go B14.oP A15.CHlORopHYLl [bingo!] B15.Hi A16.OXyPhEnButaZonE (1296), eX (9), chlorophyllOus (90), eavesdrop*Per (27), understaffEd (22), squabBled (54), tweeZed (40), jackhammerEd (111), [bingo!] (35) = 1684 Player-B's remaining seven tiles: I I GOT IT

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Sorry for the grid format.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Another attempt at the format...

      C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ H _ _ _ _ U _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ J L I V E _ N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A O _ _ A _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ C R _ _ V I E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ K O G R E _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ H P _ _ S _ S I S _ _ _ _ _ _ A H _ _ D _ T _ Q _ _ _ T _ _ M Y _ _ R I A _ U _ _ _ W _ _ M L _ G O _ F _ A _ _ _ E _ _ E L E A p_ F _ B y_ T E N O R O X Y P H E N B U T A Z O N E U _ _ E I D O L A _ W E _ E D S T A R _ _ _ E N _ _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Looks like I was wrong again. Lexical Word Finder discovered for me that UNDERSTAFF is missing in the ENABLE word list. The words, UNDERSTAFFED and UNDERSTAFFING, are apparantly not verbs in the list. The first would be an adjective and the second a noun, both formed as if the verb existed. UNDERSTAFFING is attested as a noun by the inclusion of UNDERSTAFFINGS in the lexicons' word list.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Found a fix. With a few changes to some of the minor words, and replacing UNDERSTAFFED with OVERSTUFFED a solution is achieved...and with an increase in 1 point to the score to boot. The record high solution now stands at 1685 points.

    • United States Alex Cunningham

      Can you put that in an Excel file and send it to me?

    • The Internet Jason Jones

      Nice job. Now just provide us with a screenshot and you will have the record

    • The Internet truntosex2s

      This post is helpful with an analysis I am doing for a specific group of people. Do you have any other articles to suggest on this topic? Thanks Jessica

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      I would send you my 1686 soluition in an Excel file if I had an email to send it to. As the play is contrived, not formed during an actual game, I am not yet planning on trying to submit it as a record. But you may if you can form it on the app, Alex.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Jessica, what is the topic of your analytical work? All you mentioned is that the post is helpful, but did not say how it is.

    • The Internet Marcus Allen

      you're giving me a f** migraine

  • United States Stuart Klimek

    A higher score is possible using valid, though unacceptable words (i.e., words not presently in the WWF lexicon but can be found in at least one of the major dictionaries.) For the following, a blank is represented as a lowercase letter in the played word.

    a1.OKE b1.LOCKABLE a2.ALE b2.VIEWERS,VALE,WOKE [BINGO!] a3.WAR b3.REVEIWED a4.NA b4.TRANSIT,ANA [BINGO!] a5.REAR b5.UTA,SUE,IT,TA a6.TOT,TAT b6.OOSPERMS [BINGO!] a7.SOD b7.QUALIFY,SODA [BINGO!] a8.YA b8.QUALIFYING a9.UN b9.CHILIDOG [BINGO!] a10.iN,iT b10.ED,RE,ED a11.AR,AN b11.FAr,rYA a12.MA b12.REJUDGING [BINGO!] a13.SOTH b13.OXYPHENBUTAZONE (1314), FOREJUDGING(90), MAXED(16), PREVIEWED(28), REVIEWERS(16), UNBLOCKABLE (56), ZOOSPERMS(44), REQUALIFYING(93) BINGO! = 1692 Game ends as player b has no more tiles on his rack and there are no more tiles to draw. Player a has HHTT remaining on his rack, thus receiving a -10 penalty and awarding a +10 bonus to player b. Final scores: Player a: 58 Player b: 2495 (9 BINGOS!) Highest scoring play: b13, for 1692 points (1702, if including the end-game bonus). Score difference: 2437.

    How many records here?

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      LOCKABLE is the first of the nine BINGOs.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      REVEIWED is also one of the nine BINGOs.

      I believe all the words in the above solution can be found in the WWF lexicon. As I mentioned, a higher score is possible, especially if one is permitted real words like the word pair ZOOPHYTIC and OOPHYTIC. ZOOPHYTIC is not presently in the WWF lexicon, though both words are in the Collins Dictionary.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Sigh. I've calculating H's as 4 when they are only 3 points. This solution only ties the one set by Tony Hall for highest scoring play. It does though beat his with the most playable BINGOs in a game while achieving that play.

  • United States Stuart Klimek

    Isaac Adams score of 1670 is 1 point short of what is possible with the given words. One of the two blanks was used as an E and the other a D. Given that the play netted 1670 and not 1671, the D in FAD/DYE was the blank used as a D, thus not affecting the score. The 'E'-blank could be in either PRECONCEIVED, ZOOSPERMS, or REESTABLISHED (not the first E of the latter word). 1671 is not the highest score possible, as I have discovered a solution that scores 1700 (using standard online dictionaries, and not the incomplete word list from ENABLE). The words formed in the final play of the solution: OXYPHENBUTAZONE, QUADRUMANOUS, INTERCOMPANY, PROFESSED, THOROuGHBRED, OVERWEIGhT, BLITZES, and JACKLIGHTED. (QUADRUMAN and JACKLIGHTED, both words found in main online dictionaries, are missing from the current release of ENABLE).

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Oh, and TAX. The lowercase u and h are the blanks.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      I just realized TAX was not to be included in the total. Thus, the total is 1683, not 1700. Still a bit higher than 1671.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Correction. (I dislike not being able to edit posts that accididently get submitted too early, causing additional need of corrections.) The total is is only slightly better than 1671. My recalculations make it 1675. Though I have another possible solution that is around 1683.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      One additional reply regarding Isaac's solution. The blank 'E' should have been used in DYE or ANE to get the 1671 score.

  • The Internet Tippy Altier

    I scored a 185 on a single word. How do I submit it for a record?

  • The Internet jeremy

    Across 595 from left to right 90 16 35 20 44 44 93 in my head i get 937 so unless i missed something this is fake its simple math

  • The Internet jeremy

    Across 595 from left to right 90 16 35 20 44 44 93 in my head i get 937 so unless i missed something this is fake its simple math

  • The Internet jeremy

    I didnt account for the bingo either.

  • The Internet jeremy

    Some tard said he plugged all the letters in his cheat and it was worth 278 thats funny just the main word is 70 x 8 he sucks at cheating and math thats 560 all by itself . also its clearly more difficult to create this senario than it is to play it out i bet it took 50x longer to figure it out thAn it did to make it happen.

    • The Internet Jason Jones

      It's not multiplied by 8...it's 722=1443=432*3=1296+35=1331 just for the word from left to right

    • The Internet Jason Jones

      Don't know why it ran all together...72 x 2 = 144 x 3 = 432 x 3 = 1296 + 35 = 1331. Some tard needs to think before speaking. It's not multiplied by 8. It would be 3(tw) x 2(dw) x 3(tw)=18 x 72=1296

  • The Internet Francis Costanzo

    you can play yourself and really setup a good game. did a computer set this up or a person?

  • The Internet Leslie

    I scored 203 points with 'champion'. TL, TW, DW and I used all 7 tiles...real game, real score!

  • The Internet cutlass

    I use words cheat, not all the time, only when I'm really stuck but that ridiculous

  • The Internet Kim Brewer

    hummm...for 1670 points....What is a "Cheater"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Internet Joshua Osborne

    i scored a million points for just putting chuck norris

  • The Internet mrf

    I played the word a as the first letter and scored 232432 points once. Forgot to take a pic.

  • The Internet mrf

    Completely staged. And stupid. Show a real word in a real game not some bs.

  • The Internet James M.

    I scored 60 with Memes.

  • The Internet Graham Sterling

    Yesterday, I scored 163 points with the word QUIZ. The Q was on the upper left Triple Word and the Z was on the Triple letter. The connector word was NAB, with the Z on top of the A Not sure if I've ever had a 100+ point word before.. lol

  • The Internet Graham Sterling

    Yesterday I scored 163 with QUIZ..using the upper left Triple word under the Q and triple letter under the Z with the connector word being NAB underneath. Not sure if I've ever had a 100+ point word before.. lol

  • The Internet Kris Kriofske

    I just scored with the word Fizzers on a triple and double with the s pluralizing another word.

  • The Internet Marc K.

    I scored 102 with only four letters. "JUST"

  • The Internet Nik Hannevig

    I socred 287 with CONQUEST. C was on TW, Q was on TL and T was on DW. My buddy resigned immediately. Pretty demoralizing he said.

  • The Internet Maggi Ramos

    I just scored 246 points with the word charquid, which is a specific type of dried beef. I'm so stoked because I have been getting my ass creamed by my opponent for quite awhile now. WOOT!

  • The Internet Jewel Carrington

    Play with Mz. Bambi, and UnCool J, pretty good gamers.

  • The Internet Elliott

    my only problem with WORDS with friends is how words allowed are NOT words. UTA is NOT a word. Urban dictionary doesn't count, thats like using wiki to write a term paper.

  • The Internet Ernesto Marticorena

    This is fake. He used 7 letters and still have a letter S left. It totals 8 letters and your max is 7 per turn.

    • The Internet Elliott

      possible to draw the S after he played, but yes a hackjob.

    • The Internet Roger Christenson

      I agree this is fake, the points don't seem to add up either. And why don't they let you see a picture for more than the few seconds the video plays? So you can't study it. Easy to fake the video.

      The best single word score I got was 155 for "slightly." I have a couple friends who scored higher.

    • The Internet Jason Jones

      Check your math again...points add up. Of course it is set up. You can take a screenshot when the video is playing if you really want to study it.

    • The Internet Marcus Allen

      Comment moderated

  • The Internet D'Juan Smith

    I did "jeez" for 123 points at the bottom of the scoreboard. I had TL and TW thrown in there also.

  • The Internet Adria Henry

    I scored 139 with Casque triple letter q and triple word Score and turning jug into jugs with the S

  • The Internet Bill Lipka

    I scored 166 with th word Equality

  • The Internet Jared Trotter

    I just got 111 with squid. agree with Stephen J.

  • The Internet Katherine Green

    I just got -113 with bitterer on tw - my highest ever

  • The Internet Messer

    You guys obviously set each other up to get the best scores. get a life

  • The Internet Dominykas Intas

    conceptualizing for 1472 points third row from the top horizontally

  • The Internet Jean

    I just got 182 points for itemized using the triple word, z on triple letter across the bottom

  • The Internet Jeannie

    Zebras - 162 points!!

  • The Internet David Saldaña

    oosperms is not a word.

  • The Internet Scott

    I just got a 245 pointer against my son playing Zelkovas with an existing a, tw, tl on k. Its a japanese elm tree they harvest for wood and make into bonsais

  • The Internet Jeremy Selvidge

    Foozlers for 281

  • The Internet Chris

    Scored 317 with queazier. Z on tl, q on dw, all 7 letters, and tw score

  • The Internet Jane

    It looks pretty fake but cool

  • The Internet Stephen J.

    Crap score because it's set up and not done in a real match. You could never do this in a real match. It's cool to see just how high a score you can get but should have separate category for real game. I guess it would be to easy to cheat and say it was real.

  • The Internet Matthew D.

    i have gotten a few 100+ pointers

  • The Internet Travis Roberts

    then i somehow followed that up with a 17 point play..... sheer jenius.... no screenshot tho :(

  • The Internet Travis Roberts

    i scored 15 points in one move yesterday

  • The Internet MBS

    I played WHEEZED, TL for the Z and a triple word connected at 2 points for 195

  • The Internet Duncan Gibson

    I also beat someone by over 1000 in scramble

  • The Internet Duncan Gibson

    I once got 4 consecutive words over 60 pts

  • The Internet david velazquez

    yo soy aficcionado a la computadora, me gustaria que alguna menina guapa me llame 679145452 ok gracias

  • The Internet s

    i wanted to play Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism but didn't have a q or z

  • The Internet Diann

    And i took a pic with my phone too. :) my total game score was 698.

  • The Internet Diann

    I just scored 269 points with chequeta! U was already there, and i played the other 7 letters on both the triple word and double word with the q on the triple letter.

  • The Internet jan willem

    Kool! I like this game a lot! If you're looking for words with the letter Q, take a look on this website: www.wordwiththeletterq.com

  • The Internet Jaime Madden

    I played SQUELCH for 172 points. I have a screenshot :)

  • The Internet Teddy Breihan

    What the hell is a zoosperms?

  • The Internet eric gieseke

    Just did 121 with :teazle right far z in tripple lette+ terrestrial word r

    • United States Emily Patricia

      Do you have media evidence?

    • The Internet hagridore

      I don't remember now what they were, but I've recently had several words in the 50, 60, and 70 range. I'd like to have known how to create evidence. On my computer, I'd just do a print screen/screen shot. How do I do it on an iPhone 4?

    • United States Jenn Wark

      You just press the home and power buttons at the same time. You'll hear a camera shutter sound and the screen shot is saved.

  • The Internet eric gieseke

    Douglas hall?

  • The Internet Jan

    Played deputing covering a triple word, a double word and one triple letter for 143 points

  • The Internet Geri

    Played 'sanitize' covering a triple word and a double word. Very happy with a score of 143.

  • The Internet portero cantante

    i playe zodiac and za with the z on tl and zodiac on a tw for a total of 151 and i have the photo to prove it. never seen higher.

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Why does it say "Douglas Gohn" as the player of the move, yet the record is attributed to Tony Hall?

  • The Internet Tony Hall

    Doug and I worked together to get the record. I tried to put record in as Doug Tony but it didn't work.

  • The Internet Jason Jones

    Of course it has the same words in the same places. No one else has figured out better combinations yet. Definitely have to give props to the person who figured it out originally. Not sure how they did that. Now it has been improved. Oh well. No need to argue about it. He took the time to do it and we didn't.

  • The Internet Chris Cazabon

    look up all of the games that have almost all of the same words in the same places. don't be naive

  • The Internet Jason Jones

    Algorithm...whatever you say. If that was the case the record would have been broken a lot sooner. 1672 stood for over a year.

  • The Internet Chris Cazabon

    yea, it's sooo hard to use an algorithm to generate a board for you using words other people already found to get similar scores

  • The Internet Tony Hall

    Thanks can't believe I figured it out.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Tony, extraordinary. Kudos to you.

  • England James Whiteside

    Hats off to you Tony. I didn't think it could be done... great effort.

  • The Internet Mike Anderson

    lol faked! BIGTIME! I've seen this photo floating around with several different names...also...look at the highlighted letters...it makes no since in the order which words were played...a word has to be played off of another word, and to do this that didn't happen

  • The Internet Nona Suomi

    Comment moderated

  • The Internet Ameer Gittens

    This not a real game. Someone would have had to have spelled "oosperms" before the coup de grace.

  • The Internet Chris Cazabon

    I have seen this (almost)exact same board, with different player names: so, most likely a fake


    only a few minor differences but all of the same played words

  • The Internet Jill Sobule

    I managed to set up a similar situation on words with friends. Of course, I played both sides. We both took turns setting up the initial board. Then with one side, I swapped letters trying to obtain "O,X,P,B,Z,E" and with the other side I swapped off "X,P,B,Z" if they came my way. It worked! At the end, I was able to play OXYPHENBUTAZONE for a meager 1372 points. This might possible in a real game. If you manage to play OXY, HEN, and UTA in the correct positions, you may be able to draw "O,P,Z,O,N,E" for a 650 point word. This strategy should be used in combination with diversionary tactics on the opposite end of the board.

  • The Internet Cam Eisen

    this is fake. look at the board that just got beaten out and check out the vast similarities.

  • The Internet Johnnie Phillips

    Dan, how about not drawing a line and not even accepting any of it. If, as you say, "There is no clear way to figure out if/when people have set up their plays to get a high score." Then there should be no record.

  • The Internet John Public

    Dave Griese: While you're correct that 'oosperm' is the standard pluralization of itself, it appears that 'oosperms' is also technically correct, albeit slightly archaic. The site below cites several uses of it in reputable publications around the turn of the 20th century:


    Also, Scrabble considers it to be a legal word to play:


    B Skain/Alexander Shaytoon/Sean O'Driscoll: Where are you all seeing 7 R's / an R used as a blank? I've gone through several times and only count 6, and they all have the '1' in the corner indicating they're non-blanks:

    1. Forejudging
    2. Preconceived/Er
    3. Reestablished/Ora
    4. Bladderlike
    5. Zoosperms
    6. Or/Requalifying
  • The Internet B Shakin

    Blasted autocorrect, the extra 'r'!

  • The Internet B Shakin

    Why do people make such definitive statements about things they are wrong about.

    How about this way: I don't think this would be legal in Scrabble, but seems legitimately for WWF. Right down to not getting the two extra points for using a blank for the extra 't'.

  • The Internet Alexander Shaytoon

    Sean O'Drsicoll clearly missed that one of the R's was used with a blank. Also, oosperm means a fertilized ovum; zygote.

  • The Internet Sean O'Driscoll

    There are only 6 R's in the words with friends alphabet, here there are 7 on the board

  • The Internet Dave Griese

    This is clearly a fake. "Oosperms" is not a real word. Oosperm is, but it is one of those words which is its own plural. ZOOsperms is, but that word could not have been made without adding a "z" to an already existing word. Nice try.

  • The Internet Scott Camp

    Hmm.. I stand corrected. "maxes" does not show up on the Scrabble word verification page but seems to show up in Dictionary.com and plays ok in Words With Friends

  • The Internet Scott Camp

    I can see how this is possible except for the word "maxes" is not a valid word, so this can't be a valid screen shot. However you don't need the word "maxes" to make this work. You could have left the "m" off and just gone with "axes"

  • The Internet Alex Kelly

    Frank C depending on how much to he took he could have kept swapping letters until he got what he wanted

  • The Internet Patrick Zewatski

    Dang, I thought my 101 point word was a lot! >:(

  • The Internet Frank C

    CORRECTION: On the same website http://www.lexicalwordfinder.com/ if you scroll all the way to the bottom you will see "Example result: "conceptualizing" for 1472 points. If you click on the word, it will give you an Word with Friends board example, where the word "conceptualizing" is already plugged in. What this guy did, was he plug in the same letter from the example board on Lexical into a game vs himself (player2)"create game > Pass and Play" on his Iphone. Now he still had to hacked the game in some way, in order for him and "player2" to obtain the letters he wanted to make this possible. So, sorry guy, you BUSTED

  • The Internet Frank C

    Ok after seen this, I had to do some research on my own and come out with the truth. There is a website called Lexical Word Finder which most "Word with Friends" cheaters like me use. You place all the letters that are on the board, and the letter on your rack, and click on search, and it gives you the best possible word to plug into the board. So I plug in all the letters just as the one on the picture, and place the letter "O,X,P,E,B,Z,E" on my rack and click on search. For my surprised, The word OXYPHENBUTAZONE did show up as my best possible word, BUT it was worth "267" which I still think is pretty impressive, but as you can see even if it is true, there is no possible way that you can get 1,672 points out of this word. The word is an Inflammatory drug use to treat arthritis and bruises.

  • The Internet Mark Anthony

    They should be banned from the game for faking this shit lol they probably couldn't even explain the words they used.

  • The Internet Pete A

    There is no way in hell that the total points of this word(s) could be played as one word. If you played OXYPHEN that is possible unless the word is invalid. I have to assume that BUTAZONE has to be played thusly: OXY PHEN BUTA ZONE, If it is played that way. I doubt if the combination of those words played separately and be valid. It is either photo-shopped or the players hacked into the main frame to block the INVALID program. Plus the fact that a word placed on a TW space only counts once and NOT on consecutive plays to adjoin the existing word. It's amusing but is entirely bogus.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Joshua -- see thread below. There is no clear way to figure out if/when people have set up their plays to get a high score. As a result, we accept all submissions, even if they've clearly been set up.

  • The Internet Joshua Roblee

    OBVIOUSLY set up. Look at Player 2's score. Its not really a record if you play both and set it up specifically to get a record. For Shame.

  • United States Simon Kirk


  • United States Simon Kirk

    So hard to beat. Very impressive.

  • The Internet Jared Reardon

    But it's obvious its set up

  • The Internet Jared Reardon

    It's real, me and my sistEr tried it today, but I got a higher score then him lol

  • United States Jennifer Wark

    It's fairly simple. Play "conceive" off of the "C" (oncieve is seven letters), then add the "pre" and the "d" on the end in the next move.

  • The Internet MR RFRYDZ


  • The Internet Captain Woo

    Of course it was set up... and maybe they're not arguing that at all. All they claim to have done here is gotten the single highest word score ever. I guess they did. What's troubling is that it's these kinds of players who "cheat" when actually playing against others online or on their phones by using word generators. Arguing that is pointless. I KNOW you cheat.
    The real test is getting these kinds of players on a physical scrabble board. They'd be absolutely eaten alive without the trial and error allowed in WWF.
    All in all, and while this must have taken some time to stage, it's impressive that they were actually able to do it.

    ...but it's NOT a real score in real game. :)

  • United States Jennifer Wark

    Alem, in Words With Friends it is possible to continually exchange letters with your opponent until you have the right ones, so it's quite simple to just keep exchanging tiles until you have it right. No hate here, just a fan of the game and well aware of how it works. :)

  • The Internet Alem Elias

    All you haters need to stop...even if they were playing on the same phone they still would have to get the correct letters...and who is to say that two people playing online could be sitting next to each other...all you haters need to go find something else to hate like your boring lives...

  • The Internet Jon Frank

    Has anyone noticed the first two words played in this game? Either this is tongue in cheek and a complete setup, or a series of coincidences combined with sophomoric humour with a rarity of occurrence that is astoundingly monumental.

  • United States Jennifer Wark

    This looks like it was not played online, that it was played in two player mode. In that case, the board could have been set up -- maybe we should think about adding the criteria that it needs to be between two online players? That seems fair.

  • South Africa Farts Dougie

    8 out of the 15 letters were already in the perfect spot, of course it was set up. The hindsight stems the tip.

  • The Internet braden nault

    Your dumb. look up at the top is says Plater 2 played OXYPHENBUTAZONE for 1670 points. not hurricane -.-

  • The Internet Nick Jones

    He only has 410 points event though it says played for 1670. I don't think he even took the time to exchange letters and set up the board. Looks more like he just photoshopped it to save a few hours manipulating the game. Either way the board was obviously intentionally built. This could be the highest single scoring move possible in WWF but definitely not the highest scoring move played in a WWF game.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Eli, I respectfully disagree. How can we ever draw a line between "set up" plays and "genuine" plays? In an online game like Words With Friends, I don't think it's possible.

    I do believe a category like Highest Single Move Score In A Tournament Game Of Scrabble can live alongside this category, but think a creatively conceptualized feat like this one deserves recognition. Congrats, Trevor G.

  • United States Eli Rollman

    I think any regular player of Scrabble would agree that it was definitely set up, and I would suggest does not merit a place as a true URDB record. Just go to facebook's Scrabble application and check out the global record holders for highest score for a single word -- it's amazing how many people have managed to play OXYPHENBUTAZONE across three triple word squares for 1778 points.

  • It would be trivial to do this. Just play a game "against a friend" (not a random player), and just keep putting the words on there and swapping tiles until you get the letters you need. You plan the whole board beforehand, knowing the inventory of the letters. Yes, it takes a long time (and a lot of swapping), but it isn't really that hard.

  • agreed. this seems to be a pretty blatant set-up...

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Jessica, nice analysis. I'm not sure where I stand on whether it was "set up" or not. Even if that was the motivation, it would take quite a bit of skill and forethought to pull it off. I'm trying to think through how you'd do it.

  • While the screen shot proves this word was indeed played, looking at the way the board is arranged, I would have to assume that this play was set up. First off, this was one of the last plays of the game, so it appears the players spent the entire game setting up the board and saving certain letters. Secondly, this word played off the j,q x and z. Not to mention that the “z” was placed on a triple letter block so it was tripled in the word zag as well as well as the word commercializing. Then because the word commercializing crossed two triple word blocks and one double word block, the “z” alone was worth 570 points. This same set up applies to the “m” which was worth 228 points. And the “q” was set up so it could be doubled as well as the “j” being set up so it could be tripled. Either this is a one in a million stroke of luck, or two players conspired to set it up.

  • Ok that is redonculous

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