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Fastest Time To Drink A Can Of Mountain Dew

United States Kyle Carney

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DuBois, Pennsylvania, United States / June 10, 2012

Kyle C. drank a 12 oz. can of Mountain Dew in 8.50 seconds.

NOTE: Speed drinking can be dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

- must begin with a full can of regular Mountain Dew
- must begin and end attempt with a clear mouth
- may not spill or spit out soda
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • Pakistan Muhammad Malook

    Muhammad Malook

    i Drink A Can Of Mountain Dew

  • United States Debra Emory

    Debra Emory

    aW, so no punching holes in the can

    • United States Debra Emory

      Debra Emory

      but what if I don't spill any in the process of punching a hole in the can..

  • United States noah


    this is a question, but if you think you can drink a soda faster, can someone judge you, and one more thing, does the soda have to be mountain dew, could it be a diet coke

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Jenn Wark

      Yes, someone can judge you. For this record, the soda must be Mountain Dew -- different sodas have different levels of carbonation (see the Mentos/Coke trick) so using a different soda changes the difficulty of this record.

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