Most Native Languages Represented In A Group "Cheers!"

United States David Ross

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New York City, New York, United States / August 16, 2010

David Ross and 13 of his students all said, “Cheers!” in their native languages after an English language class.

The nationalities/phrases represented:

USA -Cheers
South Korea -Kombei
Italian -Salute
Spain -Salud
Uruguay - Salud
Pakistan -Salam
Bulgaria -Nas Drave
Afghanistan -Salam
Ukraine -Bootmouv
Peru -Salud
Republic of Georgia -Kamachov
Turkey -Sherefe
Japan -Kampai
Colombia -Salud


- must raise a beverage while making toast
- each participant must use a phrase from their native country
- no duplicate countries permitted, but repeat phrase is OK as long as participants are from different countries


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