Largest Beer Can House

United States Peter Whatman


Canberra, Australia / November 27, 2013

Peter and his friends built a house made of 11,538 beer cans. The structure has an area of 4x4 meters and stands around 3.25 meters tall.

They set the record to raise funds for The Shake It Up Foundation Australia, who fund vital research in developing a cure and understanding of Parkinson's Disease. Over $1,500 was raised and the house has since been featured on national television and various other news mediums.

- must use regular-sized, empty beer cans
- cans may be taped or glued together
- structure must be freestanding
- may not use wood, metal, or plastic skeleton for support
- permissible to use tape andother adhesives
- resulting structure must have four vertical walls and angled roof
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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