Fastest 1/4 Mile Bike Ride With Dog

United States Art Hoffman


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States / October 22, 2011

Art Hoffman completed a 1/4 mile bike ride with his dog Chenji in 58.87 seconds.

- dog must be tethered to bike using a rigid steel tube, conventional leash is not allowed
- should only be attempted when temperature is moderate and traffic is light
- must be attempted on flat surface


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  • United States Simone Velazquez

    Simone Velazquez

    Wow, I never thought the dog would last this long, that's great.

  • The Internet suni parmar

    suni parmar

    You write very well, have visited your blog for the first time, it is very nice that you continue to write like this, thank you

  • The Internet Maria Guptil

    Maria Guptil

    Comment moderated

  • Ukraine Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith

  • The Internet milan joy

    milan joy

    Recently i have found this website and we can see lots of interesting records set over here. This video shows the ¼ mile bike ride with a dog. It was really an exciting ride cbd products and nice to see it over here. I am looking here for more details and to keep up the good work.

  • England leona margret

    leona margret

    Wow, this is such a cute video. The dog and the man is struggling so much for making fun of the day. This is the fastest bike ride Medical cannabis for epilepsy with Dog I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing these kind of videos here

  • United States Art Hoffman

    Art Hoffman

    Thank Eva - just posted a new one with Chenji as the star (see Bambas) and have a few other records which involve him also. You can see I am a huge dog lover too!

  • Africa eva-1 su

    eva-1 su

    I like dogs.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong


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