Fastest Time To Drink A Pint Of Soda Water, Eat A Cucumber, Eat And Read A Fortune Cookie And Take A Shot Of Peach Schnapps

United States Danny Infinite

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San Diego, California, United States / December 3, 2009

Danny Puskarcik drank a pint of soda water, ate a cucumber without touching it, opened a fortune cookie, read it aloud and ate and it and finally put back a shot of peach schnapps in four minutes, 10.18 seconds.

NOTE: Stuffing food in your mouth can be dangerous. Please use caution and have adult supervision on hand.

- drinks and food must be consumed in same order as above
- must drink soda water through a straw
- cannot touch cucumber with hands
- fortune cookie must be in package at start of record


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  • England leona margret

    leona margret

    This is ridiculous and I am so admiring this man that how he could do this with a short period of time. According to my experience, it is very big difficult to drink a soda and eat a cucumber very fastly.He’s really incredible one Best CBD Products

  • United States Danny Infinite

    Danny Infinite

    I'm so proud

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