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Most Bench Press Repetitions Using A 45-Pound Bar

United States John Van

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North Augusta, South Carolina, United States / November 2, 2011

John Van completed 202 consecutive bench press repetitions using a 45-pound bench press bar.

- repetitions must be consecutive
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Bob Fargel

    Bob Fargel

    You're all weak. I've beat off 10 times in a day talk about a workout..

  • United States Russell


    I've done the bar 1150 times..

  • United States Elizebeth Chanler

    Elizebeth Chanler


  • United States sean parker

    sean parker

    he gave up so early cuz he was useing wide grip and going to fast going fast wears u out

  • United States J Figliola

    J Figliola

    Yeah, its all mental after a certain point. I have been wanting to get on some supplements, but I'm scared to take anything with Testosterone. And yes, I would think that's pretty sharp for 42 years old.

  • United States John Van

    John Van

    It doesn't have testosterone is has herbs that helps your body to produce more. It is important to get weekly blood test to regulate level. The blood test cost $30 and after the first few weeks you will see it stabilize. If your under 30 years old not a good option. My kids 19,18,16 take whey protien and glutamine for recovery. My 19 year old is 6'2" 205 5% bf.

  • United States John Van

    John Van

    My bar rep max is over 300 now just get bored. If you want to add muscle try A-HD and solid. The results are amazing and you can get at GNC

  • United States John Van

    John Van

    My max is 410 lbs. my 10 rep max is 320. Not bad for 42 year old.

  • United States J Figliola

    J Figliola

    Well that would certainly be impressive. That's almost my max.

  • United States John Van

    John Van

    New one that is going to set the bar 205 100 times. Video will be posted when I get home.

  • United States J Figliola

    J Figliola

    Very weak. You didn't even get past 400.

  • United States JDiesel Σχ

    JDiesel Σχ

    notta full rep. and i did this shit before with my lil bro and we crushed this kids record. i did 205 and my bro did 198. with better form. bout to "beat this record" with ease.

  • hes not going all the way down!!!!

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