Fastest Beer Mile



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia / April 22, 2012

Josh Harris finished a "beer mile" in five minutes, 2.5 seconds.

NOTE: This video has adult language. Must of legal drinking age to challenge.

- must attempt record on a standard 400 meter track
- must drink one 12-ounce beer at start of attempt
- must drink one 12-ounce beer after each lap
- must provide video evidence


Tags: runningdrinkingbeertrackbeer mile

  • The Internet Tyler Tomasello

    Also you have to hold the beer upside down over your head after each beer

  • The Internet Tyler Tomasello

    You have to start with the beer on the ground... not in your hand..

  • Australia Josh Harris

    You can spew after you cross the line, but if you spew during the race you have to run an extra 400m!

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Does it count if you vomit with in a certain amount of time after?

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