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Fewest Rolls Needed To Make A Yahtzee With 50 Dice During A Live Radio Broadcast

United States Mick Cullen

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Round Lake Heights, Illinois, United States / April 30, 2010

Mick Cullen and Carl Cutler took 50 dice and kept rolling them until all dice landed on the same number, creating a 50-die Yahtzee.

They began by rolling all dicesimultaneously, pulling all dice that landed on 1 off to the side. They then proceeded to re-roll the remaining dice, removing all the 1s after each roll. It took them a total of 33 rolls before all dice landed on 1.

The record was set live on-air during Subterranean on WRLR, 98.3 FM.

- must set during a live radio broadcast 
- dice must be rolled by two or more participants until there is only   one die remaining
- on first roll, all dice of one number must be removed; on further     rolls all dice matching chosen target number will be removed
- dice must be rolled on counter or table surface


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