Longest Fake Burp By An Actor Who Appeared In 'Police Academy'

United States


Columbus, Missouri, United States / July 31, 2009

Michael Winslow, who played Sgt. Larvell quot;Motor Mouthquot; Jones in all the Police Academy films, released a fake burp that was 23.68 seconds. Only people who have appeared in any of the seven Police Academy[] films are eligible to challenge this record.

Winslow set the record live on Y107’s Cosmo amp; JC Radio Show in Columbia, Missouri.


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  • The Internet qeNtfPNC


  • The Internet Sammi

    It sucked

  • Ireland Mike Wilde

    That's kind of sucky. That's like me posting a video saying "fastest 100m sprint by someone who lives in my house."

  • United States Marc

    even more amazing: http://youtu.be/QxcCC2g1Ke0

  • United States Marc

    Winslow is amazing! http://vimeo.com/12171944

  • I think Bobcat Goldthwait can take him.

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