Largest Collection Of International Radio Request Letters

India Anil Tamrakar

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Kanti, Madhya Pradesh, India / October 28, 2009

Anil Tamrakar collected 538,378 radio request letters from different countries. Tamrakar is an avid radio fanatic who spent 10 hours a day listening to radio programs as a child. He begin building the collection of letters in 1980 and continues to build on it today.

His collection includes letters from Vatican Radio, the official broadcasting service of the Vatican, Voice of America, a broadcast institution of the U.S. Federal government and Radio Veritas, a Catholic radio station based in the Philippines broadcasting to Asia.

- all letters in collection must be from a broadcasting radio station


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  • United States zaiya mariya

    zaiya mariya

    I think no one can beat this record of radio request letters. They have a huge collection of request letters from all over the country. Hostsailor I never heard of a collection of these type of request letters. All the very best.

  • United States Sarah Bennet

    Sarah Bennet

  • United States Juan Koss

    Juan Koss

    No one can't repeat that record!!!

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