Most 185-Pound Preacher Curls

United States

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Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States / March 21, 2013

Jason F. performed 19 consecutive 185-pound preacher curls.

- must perform exercise as demonstrated in the original video
- preacher curls must be consecutive


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  • The Internet Dylan Strong

    Im sorry, but that form was terrible. If I did quarter reps and used my body to swing the weight back I could do 19 reps to.

  • The Internet Eli Durbin

    this is a sad representation of a curl period. a true "preacher curl" begins with your triceps flat against the pad, and forearms perpendicular to the ground. you extend your arms slowly until straight and wrists down. you then curl the bar back towards yourself while maintaining position on your seat and keeping your chest from moving forward or backward to assist leverage at parallel to the ground. your forearms should return to perpendicular to the ground and 1 curl is completed. learn how to properly lift for two reasons, to lift safely so you don't hurt yourself, and to make your accomplishments legitimate and real.

    • United States Jason A Faulkner

      There should always be a slight bend at the downward motion of lift. You don't wanna hyperextend your elbow. I didn't have the seat positioned right that's why I was coming up off the seat a lot.

  • The Internet tom

    they were'nt eve 1/4 reps

  • United States Blaine Cooper

    Go all the way down don't use your back and do free weights good stuff though.

    • United States Rich Kedzierski

      GUy is a tool, he is on a ego lifting trip, NOTHING he does is considered official. And 185 on machines is barely 100lbs free weights. Lets see you do a real preacher curl with 100lbs bar and get even 5 reps

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