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Most Viruses On A Computer

United States Luke Obama

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States / February 16, 2017

Luke O. has 5,934 viruses on his computer.

*FAILED: Does not beat current record.

- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Mail


    Dang it I have 129

  • United States Mark Ultra

    Mark Ultra

    Wow, I watched this video and it hurt and scared me a lot. Is it okay that it scared me more than any screamer or horror movie? I got scared when, after a thorough check, I saw a couple of hundred bugs on my laptop and realized that my antivirus was not working, and I needed to disable Avast. But you won. As it turns out, it's easy to hurt a person with one video.

  • United States John Smith

    John Smith

    I would not be able to bring my computer to such a state. Or I have watched too many films about robots that for me now the computer is no longer just a box of wires.

  • United States Sammy Lee

    Sammy Lee

    i have 1796 viruses

  • United States Joel Litkie

    Joel Litkie

    I just scanned a computer yesterday on our system that had over 16,500 trogans. I thought that was a record.. I see now i was just short of getting the record by a couple hundred thousand.

  • 277 thousand threats? OMG!

  • Oh my god! And I thought my 132 viruses/trojans/malware were a lot. I changed my mind. Was his computer still working? Mine crashes from less than 20 viruses. __ Mathew Farney


  • Awwww.... almost got that 6th one! So close. So close.

  • United States Danny Infinite

    Danny Infinite

    Why thank you very much! I cannot take all the credit though. Yan Grinshteyn created the record, I just one upped him. Haha! I'm hoping for a challenger with a similar sense of humor. Cheers.

  • you made my life. like actually, this is the best thing i've ever seen.

  • United States Danny Infinite

    Danny Infinite

    I had to, it was my favorite record on the site. I propose constant one-upping.

  • United States Mike MacDonald

    Mike MacDonald

    Damn, you were so close on that last one!

  • United States Yan  Grinshteyn

    Yan Grinshteyn

    Hah! I'm just impressed that people actually felt my record was bad-ass enough to want to break.

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