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Most Viruses On A Computer

Finland Petri Rasanen

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Helsinki, Finland / January 31, 2009

Petri Rasanen sets a new world record by acquiring 82,776 viruses on a single computer. This unfortunate achievement took place in Helsinki, Finland on January 31, 2009.

Rasanen’s record beats the previous record by 82,637 viruses. There were no witnesses present to document the feat.

- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Mail


    Dang it I have 129

  • United States Mark Ultra

    Mark Ultra

    Wow, I watched this video and it hurt and scared me a lot. Is it okay that it scared me more than any screamer or horror movie? I got scared when, after a thorough check, I saw a couple of hundred bugs on my laptop and realized that my antivirus was not working, and I needed to disable Avast. But you won. As it turns out, it's easy to hurt a person with one video.

  • United States John Smith

    John Smith

    I would not be able to bring my computer to such a state. Or I have watched too many films about robots that for me now the computer is no longer just a box of wires.

  • United States Sammy Lee

    Sammy Lee

    i have 1796 viruses

  • United States Joel Litkie

    Joel Litkie

    I just scanned a computer yesterday on our system that had over 16,500 trogans. I thought that was a record.. I see now i was just short of getting the record by a couple hundred thousand.

  • 277 thousand threats? OMG!

  • Oh my god! And I thought my 132 viruses/trojans/malware were a lot. I changed my mind. Was his computer still working? Mine crashes from less than 20 viruses. __ Mathew Farney


  • Awwww.... almost got that 6th one! So close. So close.

  • United States Danny Infinite

    Danny Infinite

    Why thank you very much! I cannot take all the credit though. Yan Grinshteyn created the record, I just one upped him. Haha! I'm hoping for a challenger with a similar sense of humor. Cheers.

  • you made my life. like actually, this is the best thing i've ever seen.

  • United States Danny Infinite

    Danny Infinite

    I had to, it was my favorite record on the site. I propose constant one-upping.

  • United States Mike MacDonald

    Mike MacDonald

    Damn, you were so close on that last one!

  • United States Yan  Grinshteyn

    Yan Grinshteyn

    Hah! I'm just impressed that people actually felt my record was bad-ass enough to want to break.

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