Most Vinyl Records Broken By 3 People In 1 Minute

United States Paramore


Nashville, Tennessee, United States / December 2, 2013

Paramore set an official RecordSetter World Record by breaking 58 vinyl records in one minute.

The band set the record within their "Ain't it Fun" music video, in which they also set a record for Most World Records Set in a Music Video.

NOTE: This record can be dangerous. If you attempt to beat it, you must use safety precautions and follow all rules below.

- must break LPs, not singles
- each record must be broken into two or more pieces
- may not use any objects to assist with breaking
- breaking records against the floor is permissible
- all participants must wear safety goggles, gloves and protective clothing
- all three participants must each break at least one record
- must provide video evidence


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  • Ireland Jessie Corrigan

    Jessie Corrigan

    Omg this is so good

  • Trinidad and Tobago Williamя Stewart

    Williamя Stewart

    haha) Great)

  • United States Sherri Shelly

    Sherri Shelly

    The males are just like crush crush crush And Hayley is just Y U NO BREAK

  • United States Gaby Orozco

    Gaby Orozco

    its safe to say they broke the record no thanks to hayley. haha but shes the one that makes this video as fun as it can be.

  • United States andrea pedroza

    andrea pedroza

    la enana es un amor :3

  • United States Daniela Tapias

    Daniela Tapias

    hayley to the difficulty of breaking the physicians vinyl very beautiful

  • United States Cassia Nicole

    Cassia Nicole

    hayley gets so frustrated! i love her

  • United States Kristian Robertson

    Kristian Robertson


  • United States Natasha Samorodin

    Natasha Samorodin

    Haha, it seems like they could've gotten the inspiration for this attempt from Tegan and Sara's I Was A Fool video. :P

  • United States Andy Alvarado

    Andy Alvarado

    hahaha this is all Jeremy and Taylor ;) I love Hayley, rude girl but even so girl's strength hahaha I love her more

  • United States ParawhoreWilliams



  • United States Fatima Jasso

    Fatima Jasso

    La fuersa de hayley xdddddd

  • United States Kaitlyn



  • United States VonJon Fama

    VonJon Fama

    Watching all of them do this is just so fun to watch :) Hayley is working so hard to at least break one lmao

  • United States Emma Lee

    Emma Lee

    I don't think that there is anything cuter than watching Hayley struggle to break the vinyl the way that Jeremy is breaking it! Lmao then she just throws it on the ground.

  • United States Gabriella Alves

    Gabriella Alves

    Best part!

  • United States Jessie Lee

    Jessie Lee

    "IT WONT BREAK!" throws it lmao

  • United States Kirstie Wheeler

    Kirstie Wheeler

    Taylor is like a MACHINE!!!!

  • United States Ana Quintana

    Ana Quintana

    lol Hayley "How are you doing that?" and they're just having so much fun they completely ignore her. lol.

  • United States Rara Mbol

    Rara Mbol

    all participants must wear safety goggles, gloves and PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. Hayley's torso was barely protected LOLL

  • United States Breen York

    Breen York

    Jajajaja Hayley no puedee :3

  • United States Marjanne de

    Marjanne de

    The boys are breaking it with there hands and hayley is trying so bad but she can't do it. hahaha

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