Most 140 BPM Vinyl Mixes In One Hour

United States

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States / September 11, 2010

Blane Nicholas, also known as DJ Hollywood, mixed 89 songs at 140 BPM in 60 minutes.

See Nicholas’ song list and play times here.

- must be mixed by hand 
- no automix or sync functions may be used 
- all tracks must be played at 140 BPM for majority of song (at least 90% of time played) 
- BPM is allowed to be shifted for effects and transitions (125 BPM-150 BPM) but must maintain 140 BPM for majority of song (90% of time played)


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  • United States My  Business

    Impressive talent! keep on sharing.

    Ryan for Topeka Roofing Contractor

  • The Internet Derek Lam

    Pretty sweet! -basement waterproofing company

  • The Internet Papadopoulos Mike

    time code vinyls.... only for the beginers. The vinyl nedds to be true !!!! we love that skill.

  • United States Blane Nicholas

    if anyone can do it then why don't you break it under the guidelines stated? this record does not pertain to your record at is not the same is a record under it's own was it as challenging as your record? no...but then again it's not about how challenging a record is (search for most slaps to the face with a slice of hard can that be?) guys, you are taking this way to seriously....URDB was created in fun (maybe you should go watch the clip from Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon on URDB)...this was done in front of a crowd who set the guidelines for me to follow...lighten up a bit and take a crack at setting your own record of any kind with any guidelines since that is what URDB is all about

  • The Internet Joonie Lipton

    i dont understand... if i could see the dj from another camera angle i might be able to tell if this was more than just a "jukebox" set and thusly legit. as far as i can tell this doesnt fit into any of the criteria laid out by natural nate. the set doesnt obey any of the rules for proper beat matching anyway.
    i believe there should be a 32 beat (at least) between each mix. and im not sure what the effects have to do with it. please show me more. this seems a little vague to me.

  • The Internet Nathaniel Lemieux

    Anyone can take 140 BPM tracks and Make the Beats Match! There is no record for this... Dub Step is Great my friend! I did not start this World Record for others to Take what they think is going on and make own rules... This could go on forever! Dan asked me if this was Ligit and I said no.... If you really showed true mix in your video.. I dont see it! The biggest thing for me also is 90%... What does that mean.. If hip hop is in set... It goes off BPM and make a loss for the mix being done? There is no real guideline to When you Mix in or out ect? Take it or leave it.......... I dont buy it my friend! makes for the next guy to be insured he gets the record also... Im a bit Concerned.....

  • United States Blane Nicholas

    This was not an attempt at the record you hold. This record is completely separate.. This was strictly for dubstep music and the criteria was set by the patrons of the venue played. Everything was mixed by hand and the buttons that were pressed were from the Novation Dicer (midi controller) connected to Rane Serato. I spoke with Rob Birdsong and he has approved this record under the criteria stated. was created for people to have fun.

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