Fastest Recitation Of Act 1, Scene 1 From Macbeth By Three People

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Bakersfield, California, United States / March 26, 2010

Cody Storm, Samuel Taylor, and Jason Epp recited Act 1, Scene 1of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth in 10.08 seconds.

- must have three people, one for each character in the scene
- must follow written format
- reading of scene permitted as long as it is articulate and clear


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  • United States kevin stark

    Students are instructed to make a pie chart depicting the amount of culpability that various characters in the play bear for Macbeth's demise. Students will share their pie charts with the rest of the class. Marvel Brand Design

  • The Internet Erika234

    I think it's interesting that students set such records. But if in this way they can be interested in Macbeth, then I think it's worth it. When I was writing an essay on Macbeth and I had many questions about why we should learn old plays like this one. But then in the process of writing my essay, I came across the site and read a lot of papers about Macbeth, I was actually shocked by how interesting the play turned out to be. But the guys are great, as they made a lot of effort to present and learn everything and set the record.

  • The Internet nicholascretors

    Being a student of the literature department, I must say congratulations on their good performance! Macbeth is one of my favorite novels! Also, I like theater, and reading books by Miller and his 'The Crucible' play is my favorite - you could see page for more free examples on different topics. They have a large number of free writing samples to generate your own ideas and thoughts! Thanks for the inspiration!

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