Most 133 BPM Vinyl Mixes In One Hour

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States / April 29, 2010

Nathaniel Lemieux mixed 86 different tracks at 133 beats per minute (BPM) in one hour.

Equipment used:
- Techniques turntables
- Rane Serato Scratch Live
- Pioneer Mixer
- Ortofon needles
- Shure headphones

Artists featured:

7 Milez of Muzic
Bill Clawson
BYBB tracks
DJ Overdose
Dynamixx Prince
Egyptian Lover
Invisible Rockers Greece!!
Maschinen Musik
Mike Devious
N-ter Crobot crew
On da Mike Productions
Spacemen \ Trip Theory
Tears of Technology
The Funk Lab
Vitamin E

- must be mixed by hand
- must hold each mix for 32 beats
- no BPM counters or digital assistance permitted
- first track must be timed at 133 BPM
- once the mix has started, must maintain speed within 132-135     BPM at all times
- all tracks must have different speeds than the actual BPM
- must have rights to use songs/tracks


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  • United States My  Business

    Wow! impressive, satisfying to see! Good luck with your career!


  • The Internet Roxanne Sims


  • The Internet Roxanne Sims

    shit is gangster

  • The Internet Keith Zinski

    Biggie ups to tha one like NATURAL NATE!!!! 2 votes for me plz :D


  • BIIIIIIIIIG UPS to the muthafuck'n Nate dawg!!! what you have accomplished has opened the door to a new breed of world records.....DJ's!! you have now set the bar son!!! madd love & respect for you and what you represent!! -Seven- Breaks Inc.

  • The Internet Nathaniel Lemieux

    Here is some screen shots of the tracks we used... not the best but it will work.... 1. 2. 3. 4. We had a 117 tracks in all that night to be on the safe side.....

  • Daym Dawg - Bit Ups on this one. i think i may have to give it a shot too when i got the time.. - Electro Muted aka RoBeRt JaMeS

  • The Internet Nathaniel Lemieux

    Thats what its about! We welcome people to come and help us make this better or even beat it! I was very sick that night and decided to still go on with it.... I was tired of talking about it and laid it down the best I could! This opens so many doors for other records like... Using Real Wax { Copy rights are hard to get.... One of the hardest parts!} CD players and all ranges of music to different BPM's. We are happy to have help us through this... Very complex all the way around to get to this point! Big ups to all the producers.... This never would have happened without them..... This is truly from the heart and as honest as possible.... We are always open for questions and Ideas.... Good luck... Your gonna need it!

  • Nice work Nate, I think it is possible to beat this record, but definitely not probable. I myself might have to take a crack at it if I can find the timed. Big ups, respect & grats!

  • I second that!!

  • United States Jenna Durazo

    Woo Hoo great job Nate!!! :)

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