Most Successful Vinyl Record Tosses Onto A Turntable

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Los Angeles, California, United States / April 9, 2012

Mitch and his friends successfully tossed a vinyl record 12 times onto a turntable.

- must use LP records
- records must land on turntable in playing position
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States PeteM

    I always like "record" related "records."

    I just saw this video today too.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    I love this video, but would like a little more rule clarity. Mitch and friends:

    1. How many people can be involved?

    2. Is there a minimum distance? What would stop me from just dropping vinyl onto a turntable from an inch away?

    3. Lastly, I need to ask: IS THIS REAL?!

  • United States Corey Henderson

    12 times over what time period? A day?

  • United States Emily Patricia

    This is awesome. Home many failed attempts do you think you went through to get these 12?

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