Fastest Time To Bench Press A 135-Pound Weight 50 Times

United States Christopher Knox


Melbourne Beach, Florida, United States / May 6, 2015

Christopher K. bench pressed a 135-pound barbell 50 times in 30.60 seconds.

- must lift weight unassisted and with no supportive equipment
- must touch weight to chest and lockout
- must perform raw bench press (without the aid of a bench press shirt)
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States John Grenz

    John Grenz

    This guys full of shit. You can see the video skip at 39 reps. He obviously crapped out at 39 and had to rest and restart.

  • United States David Lilly

    David Lilly

    It would have been nice except there is a skip in the video at 39 reps which shows it’s not one continuous video. Sorry.

  • United States dominica carlita

    dominica carlita

    yea bro i b jelly since i b taking them supplements and still get out lifted b u

  • United States miguel


    you mad fat bro

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