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Fastest Time To Perform 1,000 Cumulative Pounds Of Weighted Pull-Ups

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Huntington Beach, California, United States / September 1, 2013

Andreas W. performed 1,000 cumulative pounds of weighted pull-ups in three minutes, 58.00 seconds.

- must use a dip belt or climbing harness to attach weight
- may use kettlebell or plates
- chin must go above bar in each pull-up
- time stops at the end of last rep after breaking 1,000 lbs.
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Rodney

    I did this with better form in 32 sec checkout Rodney Hahn on instagram or utbe powerup rod, and Sept 30 I will do more than 8k pull ups in 24 hours

  • United States John Orth

    This was a fun challenge to train for while getting ready for the June event.

  • The Internet Jesse levenson

    I can do this in one set

  • England Peter Bone

    Nice idea and good effort. I may have a go at this but don't have a dip belt. Can I use a climbing harness? I don't see why how you attach the weights should be a rule.

    • The Internet Andreas Weaver

      Harness is fine, backpack is a different spread of weights.

  • India puppala bapiraju


  • United States Jason A Faulkner

    That's very creative.

  • United States Lauren Goodman

    Thumbs up on your pull-ups! You made our #RecordSetterTop5 records of the week:

  • England Sam B


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