Lowest Score In The 200-Foot Rope Climb 40-Yard Archery Obstacle Course

United States

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Montverde, Florida, United States / November 19, 2013

Alicia Weber scored 6.65 points on the 200-foot rope climb, 40-yard archery obstacle course.

- must use a standard archery target
- no sighting devices allowed on bow
- must climb up and down a rope on a vertical stand
- may not use gloves or slide down rope
- must perform tasks in order demonstrated in original video
- may shoot up to five arrows at a target set at 40 yards away
- may drop two weakest archery scores, using a total of three shots for the final score
- archery score is the opposite of standard archery; apex of bullseye is 0 points
- total time (rope climb and archery) plus archery score of three arrows equals final score
- must show measurement of target at 40 yards


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